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UFC 162 Tweets of the Day: Mark Munoz shows 'Obese to Beast' Before and After photos

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Mark Munoz posts his before and after photos on his dramatic weight loss starting from when he was over 260 lbs in January, to 199 lbs today.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

While dealing with multiple injuries and a tough loss to Chris Weidman which derailed his title run, Mark Munoz had to battle depression which also resulted in an insane weight gain.

The Filipino-American fighter who fights at 185 lbs, ballooned to over 260 lbs and 26% body fat during this stage, and he had to dedicate months to recover from it. Now, just days ahead of his bout against Tim Boetsch next weekend, he's down to 199 lbs, with just 9.8% body fat.

Munoz took to twitter to explain the situation and to post his before and after photos:

"My sincerest gratitude to & many thx to Sam & Monica Calavitta, & Stu White!"

"Battled through injury, self-doubt, and depression. I turned to food for comfort and what I found was more heartache. A never ending cycle of "eating because I was sad and sad because I was eating." ...No matter what adversity, you have in your life, you can be transcendent over it with God by your side and you can accomplish all things. Thank you all who believed in, encouraged, motivated and prayed for me! I thank you for you compassion and care! Now I am going in confident to #UFC162 with all I had to work through!"

"There r a lot asking, "how long it took for me 2go from 261 to 199." Took 5 months of "





*Mark also sent our own Steph Daniels an extra picture for Bloody Elbow readers to show his appreciation for your continued support*