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Bellator: King Mo says Jacob Noe is a bitch, details split from Syndicate MMA

Bellator light heavyweight star, 'King' Mo Lawal, details his split from Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas, as well as the reason he despises Jacob Noe.

Last Wednesday saw another round of the light heavyweight tournament in Bellator. Amazingly enough, both fighters that advanced to the next round saw their opponents retired, and not just for the night. Renato Sobral had made his decision to retire before his bout with Jacob Noe, but Seth Petruzelli's decision came after a brutal knockout at the hands of Muhhamad Lawal aka King Mo.

Now, Jacob and Mo are set to face off against each other on July 31st in Albuquerque, NM. Despite there not being any specific incident leading to bad blood between them, there has been some behind the back trashing by Noe, according to Lawal. Mo detailed the reason for his disdain in my most recent interview with him, even stating that Noe could train right there next to him, and still get beaten.

He says that not only will he best Noe, he'll do it with ease. Words like 'trash' and 'bitch' were used frequently, and one gets the feeling that Mr. Lawal might not like Jacob Noe. Here's the meat and potatoes of what he had to say about his next opponent:

He looked like some trash to me. I wasn't impressed at all. Babalu should have beaten him. His (Noe) takedown defense is trash, and I hope he tries that against me, because if he uses that trash, he'll get taken down with ease. That shit was garbage. He's a bitch. Jacob Noe is a bitch. He's a f*cking bitch.

Babalu should have beaten him. It was tied up 1-1, and Jacob was complaining about low blows. One was low, but the other one wasn't even low. Babalu hit him in his soft ass stomach. He gonna try and complain about getting hit low to take a breather and shit. That's all it was. Dude got tired because Babalu touched him up to the body, and hit him with the fast jab. He didn't have no answer for it, then he got hit in the stomach, and tried to claim it was low.

He talked all that shit. Did he think I wouldn't find out? I got boys in Memphis, too. Talking about fighting me and this and that, but whenever I see his punk ass, he won't even make eye contact. F*ck him and f*ck whoever is down with him and f*ck whatever gym he trains at. F*ck all them.

I'll put it like this; they call him the psycho, but I've got some Lexapro for his ass. It's my fist and it's gonna help him get his mind right. I seen him backstage after we had both lost our fights, and he was crying like a little bitch saying, 'Man, I just gave up. I quit.' I'm gonna tell you something, I ain't losing to somebody that just gives up. Straight up, when I heard that shit, I knew it then, he ain't a real fighter.

I guess he was seeking something out by saying my name. He's gonna get something come July 31st, and it's gonna be easy. It's gonna be an easy ass whooping I'm gonna hand to him. Trust me. This dude was talking about me, and saying shit about me for a while, but when I see him, the motherf*cker looks away. He won't look at me.

I guess Jacob moved out to Vegas, and three weeks ago Amanda Lucas' husband, he owns The Syndicate, he came up to me and said, 'Mo, we have a situation. Jacob Noe joined the team, but we'd like for you to train here still. Maybe Roy, and whoever else is with you, can work out before or after the time that he's here.' That was cool.

Then, John Woods came up to me and says [in a very affected voice], 'Hey homie, we've got a little situation here' you know how them Orange County white boys talk, 'Hey dude, hey homie, we've got a little situation here. My homeboy Jacob Noe just joined the team, so I guess you can't train here anymore.'

I was like, 'Okay, cool, because the real owner just told me a different story, but if that's how you want to play it, cool. I'll bounce.' There ain't no secrets in MMA. A jab is a jab. I'll even train with the dude. I don't give a damn. I don't have a problem training with someone I'm gonna fight. Ain't no secrets to combat. I'll still whip his ass. You should interview him, because all you're going to hear is bitch in his voice. He ain't shit.

You can follow Mo via his Twitter account, @KingMoFH

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