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Old School MMA Review: UFC 2

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UFC 2 was the biggest tournament in the history of the promotion, and may have been the greatest no-holds-barred tourney ever! Take a trip down memory lane with this Old School MMA Review!

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The Fight Nerd, Matthew Kaplowitz, and Zane Simon are back for another round of Old School MMA! This week, we continue looking at the SEG UFC period with UFC 2: No Way Out!

We break down the biggest one-night tournament that the UFC ever held and discuss why this might be one of the best early events they ever had. Featuring the debut of Big John McCarthy, we discuss the continually growing ego of Royce Gracie and his tendency to break arms after fights, Pat Smith's road to redemption and insanely quick evolution of his fighting style, Pencak Silat and Ninjas, what happened to Fred Ettish, and plenty of other trivia along the way! Let's get it on!

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