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Bellator: Rampage wants to 'f---- up' Roy Nelson

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson is now with Bellator MMA and is already calling out opponents. It just so happens that some are in different weight classes and different organizations. Here, he calls out UFC heavyweight, Roy Nelson.

Jon Kopaloff

Quinton Jackson has made his home with Bellator and Spike TV, and with that promotional change may come another change, this time in weight class. Whether he's serious with his latest call-out remains to be seen, but it's something the Rampage fan in me definitely wants to see.

In an interview with MMA Mania's Brian Hemminger, Jackson spoke on a variety of topics, that included everything from a desire to improve his skillset to being utterly starstruck when he got to meet pro wrestling superstar, Hulk Hogan. Then he dropped a big bomb. He stated that he wanted a fight with current UFC heavyweight, Roy Nelson. Here is the exchange from the interview:

Brian Hemminger ( Roy Nelson's contract just expired in the UFC so he's like a restricted free agent at the moment. You've brought wanting to fight at heavyweight now so would you be interested in a fight against Big Country if he signs with Bellator?

Quinton Jackson: I would love to fight Roy Nelson. Fuck him up.

Now, call me crazy, but did I miss some vital Twitter beef somewhere along the way? Did Roy Nelson happen to take his chair, or not hold the elevator for Rampage? These days, any number of things can set off a fighter, and initiate a call-out. I just have to know if there's a back story to this.

In any event, if Nelson ends up not renewing his UFC contract and migrates over to Bellator, I hope Bjorn and company put the petal to the metal on this one. One would imagine that fight would be a ratings boon for the organization, regardless of whether it had a pro wrestling lead in or not. For now, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for it all to shake out in favor of this zany future match. While we're at it, let's make it a 10 minute first round, just for kicks.