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UFC 162 Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman conference call complete audio

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UFC held a media conference call today featuring Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman who fight for Silva's Middleweight title at UFC 162 on July 6 in Las Vegas. Bloody Elbow has the complete audio plus a transcript.

UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva and challenger Chris Weidman held a media call today for the press to promote their UFC 162 title fight which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 6.

MMA Mania transcribed the call. Here are some highlights:

Chris Weidman: We brought in a few guys for the first time in my career. The main guy for emulating his stand-up the best he could was Wonderboy Stephen Thompson. Then I had a bunch of really good kickboxers that were living in New York City that we used. We used a couple time national champion boxer and we had a lot o fgood jiu-jitsu guys from the Renzo Gracie academy. I think we did the best we could in this camp preparing for Anderson.

Chris Weidman: The obvious answer is the takedowns, trying to expose him with the wrestling. We're totally different fighters. I believed I could beat him before that fight. If he's relaxed and you're all hesitant, he can get off with what he wants. I thought Chael was too uptight and tense after getting his takedowns and that helped Anderson. He was able to get his triangle choke after the takedown in the fifth round and props to him for that.

Anderson Silva: Of course I want to fight Roy Jones Jr. Maybe after the fight against Weidman, regardless of the outcome, I'd like it to happen. He's said he'd like it to happen also so I'd like that to happen.

Anderson Silva: I think Brazil's going through big changes right now and people are becomign more conscious to what's going on. Now people are going to the streets in Brazil and demanding from the politicians.

Anderson Silva: I pronounced on twitter what I thought of the protests. I thought they're valid as long as they're peaceful and have no vandalism. As long as people have knowledge of what's going on and they're valid, then I think it's a good thing.

Anderson Silva: St. Pierre had his chance to pronounce himself fighting me and he chose not to do it. That's what he chose to say.

Anderson Silva: The training went great in Brazil. I brought in Andre Galvao to help with jiu-jitsu. I had Pedro Rizzo for Muay Thai and I had fighters from Thailand come to help. I had wrestlers from Cuba come to help. I feel very happy to find new positions I may have forgotten in the past and it gives me confidence to go for new things. I feel great for the fight.

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