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UFC 162: Chris Weidman coach Matt Serra won't be able to corner him at title fight

Chris Weidman faces the biggest fight of his life against Anderson Silva at UFC 162 and he'll have to do it without his long-time coach Matt Serra.


UFC Middleweight Chris Weidman is set to finally get his title shot against Anderson Silva at UFC 162 and it looks like he'll have to do it without his coach and mentor ex-UFC Welterweight champ Matt Serra.

MMA Fighting has the details:

According to trainer Ray Longo, Serra won't be able to make the trip out to Las Vegas for UFC 162. In April, it was discovered that Serra had thoracic outlet syndrome, which caused his rib and collarbone to compress a vein, restrict blood flow and cause clots. He required surgery to remove his first rib, the one closest to his collarbone. Unfortunately since then, he had another setback.

While the onetime welterweight champion is currently on the mend with a better outlook, the health scare combined with the June 8 birth of his third daughter Sofia forced his decision.

Family ties also play a role in a positive part of the story, as Weidman selected his father Charlie to replace Serra in his corner, revealing it as a surprise in a Father's Day card.

Hopefully Weidman's performance won't be impacted in a negative manner.

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