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U.S. Wrestling World Team Trials: Jordan Burroughs Triumphant in Day One

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The first day of the U.S. World Team Wrestling Trials is over, nine of the eighteen world team wrestler have now been determined.


Tonight, in Stillwater Oklahoma, nine best of three match series saw nine wrestlers join team USA for the FILA World Championships of Wrestling in Budapest this September.

In what was perhaps the most anticipated final, at the United State's most talent rich weight, Olympic and world champion Jordan Burroughs faced four time NCAA champ Kyle Dake. The first match of the series featured comprehensive dominance on the part of Burroughs, who dispatched Dake with a technical fall in about 2 minutes. However, the second match told a different tale. There Dake was able to control the tempo more successfully, and score regularly, even throwing Burroughs for three points. Dake found himself ahead on the scoreboard late in the match, but Burroughs tied the match with a clutch takedown, and went on to win by exposing Dake's back in a wild scramble during sudden death overtime. Burroughs may have defeated Dake twice in a row, and staked his claim on the 74kg world team berth, but Dake showed that he will pose a serious threat to Jordan for years to come.

Penn State standout David Taylor claimed third place in the stacked 74kg weight class with a quick tech fall of Andrew Howe off a trapped arm gut wrench.

Former Ohio State Buckeyes, Reece Humphrey and J.D. Bergman, claimed the other two freestyle world team spots up for grabs at 60kg and 96kg respectively. Humphrey outpaced Jimmy Kennedy in two matches, while Bergman defeated Chris Pendleton in straight matches as well. Bergman punctuated his second match against Pendleton with a quick throw to a fall.

Tomorrow, starting at noon eastern, the World Team Trials will feature competition in the final nine weights yet to be decided. For more information, consult my complete guide to the trials

Results of the Finals of Day 1 on the 2013 U.S. World Team Wrestling Trials

Women's freestyle 55 KG

1st Place - Helen Maroulis
2nd Place - Whitney Conder

Match 1 - Helen Maroulis won by pin over Whitney Conder (Pin 4:41)

Match 2- Helen Maroulis won by tech fall over Whitney Conder (TF 7-0)

Men's Freestyle 60 KG

1st Place - Reece Humphrey
2nd Place - Jimmy Kennedy

Match 1 - Reece Humphrey won by decision over Jimmy Kennedy (Dec 6-3)

Match 2 - Reece Humphrey won by tech fall over Jimmy Kennedy (TF 13-5)

Women's Freestyle 72 KG

1st Place - Adeline Gray
2nd Place - Brittney Roberts

Match 1 - Adeline Gray won by tech fall over Brittney Roberts (TF 9-0)

Match 2 - Adeline Gray won by tech fall over Brittney Roberts (TF 8-0)

Men's Freestyls 96 KG

1st Place - JD Bergman
2nd Place - Chris Pendleton

Match 1 - JD Bergman won by tech fall over Chris Pendleton (TF 9-2)

Match 2 - JD Bergman won by pin over Chris Pendleton (Pin 0:19)

Men's Freestyle 74 KG

1st Place - Jordan Burroughs
2nd Place - Kyle Dake

Match 1 - Jordan Burroughs won by tech fall over Kyle Dake (TF 7-0)

Match 2 - Jordan Burroughs won in overtime over Kyle Dake (OT 9-6)

Greco-Roman 55 KG

1st Place - Spenser Mango
2nd Place - Nate Engel

Match 1 - Spenser Mango won by pin over Nate Engel (Pin 3:58)

Match 2 - Spenser Mango won by tech fall over Nate Engel (TF 7-0)

Greco-Roman 66 KG

1st Place - Justin Lester
2nd Place - Ellis Coleman

Match 1 - Justin Lester won by decision over Ellis Coleman (Dec 1-0)

Match 2 - Justin Lester won by decision over Ellis Coleman (Dec 4-3)

Greco-Roman 84 KG

1st Place - Jordan Holm
2nd Place - Peter Hicks

Match 1 - Jordan Holm won by pin over Peter Hicks (Pin 1:54)

Match 2 - Jordan Holm (Minnesota Storm) won by tech fall over Peter Hicks (Army) (TF 7-0)

Greco-Roman 120 KG

No wrestlers are guaranteed any place.

Match 1 - David Arendt, Jr. (Marines) won by decision over Robbie Smith (NYAC) (Dec 5-3)

Match 2 - Robbie Smith (NYAC) won by pin over David Arendt, Jr. (Marines) (Pin 1:28)