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Bloody Elbow News Roundup: Weidman over Silva, White on Belfort, UFC 161, WSOF, Bellator

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Bloody Elbow News Roundup has been resurrected once again to bring you the best in MMA news, quotes, and videos that slipped through the cracks over the last few days.


Last week was a busy one in MMA with UFC 161, WSOF 3, and an absolute ton of UFC news. As much as we try to keep on top of everything newsworthy here, sometimes a few things slip through the cracks. So I thought it might be time to bring back the go old' Bloody Elbow News Roundup once again just to catch up on everything. Normally I just ramble on and add a few videos at the end, but this time I'm going to divide it up into promotions since that's easier to follow. That way if you don't follow a particular promotion, you can just skip that section. Pretty smart thinkin' eh? I'm not just a pretty face you know.


  • One of the more interesting things Dana White had to say last weekend was in reference to the UFC 162 main event title fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. According to the UFC president at the UFC 161 media scrum, a lot of people are picking Weidman to win:

    "All the pros, when you talk to all the fighters - every fighter out there that I've talked too that we've interviewed thinks Weidman is going to beat him [Silva]. Georges St. Pierre thinks he's going to win so much that he didn't even want to plan to fight Anderson."

  • There's another international TUF on deck. It will feature Team Canada vs. Team Australia, and the coaches will be welterweights Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke. Go Canada!
    • The UFC 161 medical suspensions were released via the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission, and one big name is out indefinitely - Rashad Evans. Evans, along with Ryan Jimmo, James Krause, Pat Barry, Sam Stout, Edwin Figueroa, and Dustin Pague are all suspended indefinitely until they get cleared by a doctor. No types of injuries were listed. Every other fighter on the card got mandatory 14-day suspensions. No salary info has been released as of yet.
    • Speaking of the UFC 161 media scrum, White said that Vitor Belfort is being treated unfairly for this TRT stuff and it's a joke that people think they'd keep him fighting in Brazil to avoid the issue with American commissions "I think Vitor has been unjustly beat down for the TRT thing. You guys know how I feel about TRT. But he's done everything the right way and been within the limits he's supposed to be in. He will end up fighting in the States. He's been fighting in Brazil because he does well in Brazil. There's no conspiracy. I would never, and Lorenzo would never put a guy down in Brazil because we think he'll pass down there and won't pass somewhere else. And the guys that regulate Brazil are the same f**king guys who pulled Gustafsson out of the fight for the cut. Same guys. And it's not like I was a big fan of their decision. So it's not like they're doing me any favors or we have some yahoo buddy-buddy relationship."
    • Now it's time for Timmy to tell the future: If you watch UFC Tonight on Fuel in a few hours, you're going to hear Rashad Evans talk very positively about a fight with Glover Teixeira. It might just happen!
    • Ricardo Lamas didn't end up getting the title shot against Jose Aldo at UFC 163, which went to Chan Sung Jung instead. Now that he's opponent-less for UFC 162, Dana White told MMA Junkie that if they can't get him another fight, he'll still get his show money for the event. I'm sure that's nice for Lamas, but I'm guessing he's not too thrilled about the rest of the situation.
    • UFC on Fuel 10 has released the results of their drug test for the event, and everyone passed. Yay Brazilians! All 26 fighters were urine-tested before the fight, and the headliners plus four random fighters were also given post-fight urine tests.
    • Despite the fact that Dana White said that Renan Barao was pretty hurt over the weekend, Barao himself said he's 100% and ready to go. Barao and Eddie Wineland were even discussing where their fight should take place on twitter:

    World Series of Fighting

    • We all know by now that Jon Fitch got choked out in 41 seconds by Josh Burkman. I still am refusing to believe it happened, but whatever. Anyway, NSAC released the salaries for the event and Burkman ended up making the most money with 32k total (16k/16k). Fitch made 30k to show, a steep drop-off from the 66k/66k he was getting from the UFC. Other salaries included Steve Carl making 20k (10k/10k) for beating Tyson Steele (7k) and Jacob Volkmann making 14k (7k/7k) for beating Lyle Beerbohm (15k). I find it kind of funny that Beehbohm made more in show money than Volkmann did total.
    • They also released the medical suspensions for the event as well, and there were a lot of them. Burkman's out 90 days with no contact and indefinitely for a suspected right hand fracture. Fitch got 45 days for an eyebrow cut. All that from a 41 second fight? Beerbohm got 180 days for a possible right foot injury (can be cleared early by a doc). Main carder Brian Cobb also got 180 days pending clearance for a possible left knee injury.
    • Bouts announced for WSOF 4 include company president Ray Sefo taking on Dave Huckaba, and recent signing Nick Newell taking on the always-ready TBA.
    • Ex-Strikeforce fighter Derrick Mehmen has signed with the promotion and will move up to heavyweight (via MMA Junkie)



    • Women's boxing star Holly Holm is now fully embarked on her MMA career and she'll meet Allanna Jones at Legacy FC 21 in July. Jones is the lady that last competed against Fallon Fox, losing in the third round (via MMA Junkie)
    • Unconfirmed reports say that RFA has picked up a few fighters that were recently released from the UFC. I won't name names until it is confirmed, but think The Ultimate Fighter.

    Finally, we'll close with a sad video. Former heavyweight boxing world champion Riddick Bowe decided to drag his 45-year-old body into a ring to make his Muay Thai debut over the weekend. The results were predictable and depressing.