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Old School MMA Review: UFC 1

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The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon take you back to the past with a look back at the mess that was UFC 1.

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The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon go back to the distant year of 1993 to watch the inaugural show of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.... er, championship, as part of the first episode of the Old School MMA Review!

Coming from Denver, Colorado on November 12, the first UFC event was one of the most unique and raw shows of the initial batch, and we run through the fights including the first televised fight of the show featuring Gerard Gordeau against Teila Tuli, Ken Shamrock's company debut against Patrick Smith, and the infamous Art Jimmerson match with Royce, general history, what worked, what didn't work, and discuss how Bill Wallace managed to screw everything up only 10 seconds into the show.

Don't forget to support the official DVD release of UFC 1 ! Here are some of the things we mentioned during this episode that you should check out:

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Shout-out to the OSW Reviews that inspired this idea - if you like pro wrestling from the '80's and 90's, go check them out.