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Metamoris Promoter Ralek Gracie Apologizes for Brendan Schaub Match, Announces New Rules and Yellow Cards

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After a disappointing event Ralek Gracie promises changes to Metamoris to recapture excitement of first event.

Metamoris II was a bit of a disappointment. Many fans of competitive grappling were excited for the event, but the matches ended up being mostly slow-developing grip battles, a controversial ending to the main event, and total joke of a performance by Brendan Schuab.

Promoter and founder Ralek Gracie is taking steps to improve the competition, and apologized for the Brendan Schuab match and is moving to take steps to prevent something like that from happening again.

So here is a quick rundown of changes being made:

No More Judges: Ralek cites the addition of judges as one of the reason he thinks the action slowed down so much in Metamoris II. Fighters being afraid to lose any ground because that might result in them losing the fight. That combined with the event be so close to the Mundials resulted in point fighting grappling at its worst according to Ralek. So no more judges, a match either ends in submission or in a draw.

Grip Time Limits: The time has not been announced but if a competitor holds a grip for a certain amount of time and does not seem to be intending to do anything with the grip expect persevere a position or stall the action the competitor will be issued a warning. If the competitor doesn't comply he/she will be issued a punishment which brings us to our third change...

Yellow Cards: Yes the Pride style yellow card is back, as punishment for holding a grip too long, passivity or refusing to engage. While it is not officially announced what a yellow card will mean, Ralek did mention the idea of taking a percentage of a fighter's purse. No word on if multiple yellow cards will result in a disqualification.

Match Making: Ralek also mention the idea of finding "the right people" for these events, who had a submission oriented mind set who are willing to put themselves out there and risk getting submitted in order to show their jiu jitsu.

All in all these are very positive changes that put the emphasis of Metamoris back on exciting, dynamic grappling and finishing matches with submissions.