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UFC 161 Results: Rashad Evans inches by Dan Henderson in tight split decision

Bloody Elbow provides live fight results for Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 161 from the MTS Centre in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

What: UFC 161 "Evans vs. Henderson" live pay-per-view results

Who: Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson -- Light-heavyweight division

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

When: June 15, 2013

Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson -- Light-heavyweight bout

Evans was crisper and more effective with his boxing for the bulk of the 1st round, occasionally mixing in smooth transitions to takedown attempts that were unsuccessful but ultimately put Henderson on his heels and into defense mode. "Hendo" spiked out a heavy jab that landed clean and froze Rashad, then followed up with a series of menacing jack-hammers while Rashad tried to regain his composure on wobbly legs.

In the 2nd round, Rashad went on the hunt and dictated the pace more effectively with his fast hands and clinch control. Henderson gathered himself after negating a takedown attempt and cracked Evans with a short upward elbow in the clinch, but Evans seemed to be piecing his combos together well in the center of the cage and using them to keep Henderson in reverse.

Rashad set the tone early in the 3rd by finding the mark with a stiff combination that visibly affected Henderson for a moment. As usual, Henderson dueled almost exclusively with a pawing jab while measuring the distance for his outrageous right hand. Evans culled from a deeper toolbox, cutting angles on the way in and blazing off fast 2- and 3-punch combinations, at times going downstairs for crunching body shots or dropping levels for takedowns to keep Hendo guessing.

Evans adjusted his distance in the last frame and crowded Henderson with a clinch-heavy strategy, swarming with punches on the way in and staying on him with pressure and control. Henderson made that game-plan a chore with more tight-range elbows despite a lot of backpedaling and fighting off the fence.

One judge saw it 29-28 for Henderson but the others had it the same for Evans. The bout was closely contested and the only clear round was the 1st for Henderson. Let us know who you scored the bout for in the poll below.