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UFC 161 Results: Jake Shields out-grinds Tyron Woodley in split decision

Bloody Elbow provides live fight results from UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson as they take place from the MTS Centre in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

What: UFC 161 "Evans vs. Henderson" live results from the FX Channel preliminary card

Who: Jake Shields vs. Tyron Woodley -- Welterweight division

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

When: June 15, 2013

Jake Shields vs. Tyron Woodley -- Welterweight bout

A 15-minute, grueling battle for position and control in the clinch transpired here, as Woodley, who had the superior strength and wrestling credentials, successfully fended off Shields' takedown attempts, but might have spent too much time defending overall. With a noticeable disadvantage in the quickness department as well, Shields had his hands full in trying to ground Woodley, who was just too strong and technical with his defensive clinch work. Instead, Shields, a former Strikeforce and Shooto champ, stayed in the pocket on the feet and chipped in mid-power low kicks and jabs, seeking intermittent spots to duck under for double-leg takedowns.

Woodley got a wide-based stance and nullified the attempts with under-hooks quite easily, but Shields persisted with gritty clinch warfare and stayed busy with a high output of short and non-threatening punches and knees to the body and thigh. Woodley threw the harder strikes but only landed a few of serious note: one a low kick that knocked Shields off his feet, another a beautiful spinning back fist that landed with a thud, but Shields shook it off well.