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UFC 161 results: Yves Jabouin defeates Dustin Pague by split decision

In a fight that went in fits and starts, Yves Jabouin ground and pound his way to a decision over Dustin Pague.

The Facebook card kicked off with a bantamweight bout between Yves Jabouin and Dustin Pague. Jabouin was looking to recover from a brutal KO loss to Brad Pickett, and Pague was looking to hold on to his spot on the UFC roster. While Pague came close to finishing the fight often, he was never able to lock up the submission, and lost a split decision for his grapple heavy performance.

Jabouin started each round with decent striking flurries, but found himself locked up with Pague for the majority of the fight. Pague hit a really gorgeous foot sweep early in the second, and while he had a number of close submission attempts he was unable to generate a lot of other significant offense. Jabouin seemed to tire early and while he fought in fits and starts because of it, his ground and pound offense was heavy and accurate when he chose to throw it.

With the loss, Pague falls to 1-4 in his UFC tenure. It's hard to see him getting another shot after this fight. Jabouin breaks his Zuffa record above .500 and moves to 5-4 with the win. As expected he maintains his position as a mid-division gatekeeper, although it's hard to see him gaining much momentum off this performance.