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UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card

Live results and thoughts for the preliminary card of UFC 161 from Winnipeg. The featured prelim bout sees Jake Shields face off with Tyron Woodley.

Join us at Bloody Elbow for live results, play-by-play, and commentary of the entire UFC 161 event today from Winnipeg. The event will kick off with six preliminary card fights followed by a main card featuring five bouts. The first two bouts will be streamed live on Facebook, and that stream kicks off at approximately 7pm ET/4pm PT. They flip things over to FX at 8pm ET/5pm ET for the other four preliminary card fights, then finally move onto pay per view for the main card at 10pm ET/7pm PT. This post will cover the preliminary card.

The featured bout of the UFC 161 prelims is a welterweight bout between former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields and Tyron Woodley.

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as the event progresses.

Yves Jabouin vs. Dustin Pague

Round 1 - Pague opened with a right but Jabouin responded with a kick and pushed Pague down. Pague quickly set up a triangle, but Yves defended well and moved him over to the cage. He tried it again and actually locked it up, and he had an arm. Jabouin escaped again though. Pague went for an armbar that was pretty tight. Yet again, Jabouin escaped. Good work from both men early. Jabouin went for a heel hook this time, and Jabouin struggled against it. They rolled over and over while all twisted up. Pague ended up on top. He tried to lock up another submission but gave up position and Jabouin went to town with punches. 10-9 Pague.

Round 2 - After a firefight to start, Pague hit a nice trip and ended up in mount. He took Jabouin's back with a body triangle and looked for a choke. Jabouin fought it off, but Pague went back to mount and started pounding away. Jabouin eventually escaped and took top position. The action sort of stalled out after that. 10-9 Pague.

Round 3 - Jabouin immediately got a takedown. He threw an occasional strike while Pague hunted for sub opportunities underneath, but the action was slow. The referee was threatening to stand them up. Jabouin did land a nice right. Pague went for an omoplata but Jabouin shucked it off. The ref stood them up. Jabouin missed with a spinning kick and Pague landed a blatantly illegal knee to the head, but the ref missed it. Pague jumped into mount and threw some elbows. Jabouin escaped, but fell right into a triangle. Yet again, Jabouin escaped and took top position. He tried to throw some strikes but he was pretty tired. 10-9 Pague, and 30-27 overall.

Yves Jabouin defeated Dustin Pague by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Mitch Clarke vs. John Maguire

Round 1 - They started off with some boxing while Clarke mixed in a few kicks. Maguire was connecting with the jab, but Clarke was really attacking the front leg of Maguire. Maguire looked to counter, but took a finger in the eye. Maguire didn't take much of a time out though. Clarke landed a nice body kick. Maguire went for a takedown and got a body lock. Clarke looked for a standing kimura. Maguire slipped away and jumped up on his back. Clarke shook him off but Maguire maintained the body lock. Clarke eventually got away and landed a head kick. Maguire shot in again and got the back. Clarke landed some elbows to the arm. 10-9 Clarke

Round 2 - Clarke went back to the kicks right away. Maguire landed a nice standing elbow. Maguire caught a kick and took top position. He couldn't advance position and the action basically stalled out. The crowd started to boo. Clarke boxed his ears from the bottom while Maguire tried to scoot him over to the cage. Clarke went for a kimura while Maguire landed a few punches to the ribs. Clarke eventually rolled over and up to his feet while looking for his own single. They clinched against the fence while Clarke went for some foot stomps. Eventually the ref separated them with 30 seconds left. Clarke landed a couple of rights. Maguire dragged Clarke down and looked for a choke briefly. 10-9 Maguire.

Round 3 - Maguire immediately went in for a single but ate a knee to the dome. Maguire landed a nice left, but Clarke responded with a solid combo. They clinched up against the fence. Clarke went back to the foot stomps and landed some knees while pushing Maguire around. The ref broke them with three minutes to go. Maguire shot in for another single and got Clarke's back again. He dragged him down and took his back with one hook, then both. He took the opportunity to lock up a body triangle. They were right against the cage though, not much room to work. Maguire hunted for the choke and landed a few punches to the head. Clarke finally broke the body lock and rolled over on top. Clarke threw some strikes and attacked fight to the bell. Tough to call, but I gave round 3 to Maguire and the fight 29-28.

Mitch Clarke defeated John Maguire by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Edwin Figueroa vs. Roland Delorme

Round 1 - Delorme charged forward into the clinch and got a takedown. Figueroa popped up, but Roland took his back and got him back down. He had full back mount with a body triangle. Figueroa rolled over but got trapped in a triangle. Delorme landed big elbows to the head and switched to an armbar. He escaped though and worked from top position. Figueroa landed some big rights while Delorme looked for a heel hook and used it to take top position. Delorme looked for a crucifix and landed a bunch of punches. He took Edwin's back. He was hunting for a choke but Figueroa defended we ll. Delorme trapped his right arm in a body triangle. Delorme looked for some punches to soften Figueroa up. Figueroa freed up his arm and survived the round. 10-9 Delorme.

Round 2 - Delorme shot in right away again but couldn't get the takedown. He persevered with a body lock though, and dragged Figueroa down. He worked from his back until Edwin rolled into guard. Figueroa went for his own triangle, then an armbar. Delorme changed things up and went for some ground and pound. He moved to side, then the back with both hooks. Figueroa reversed though and took top position. Delorme looked for a triangle armbar but there wasn't anything there. Figueroa landed a big elbow and some punches against the cage. Big rights from Figueroa. Delorme got up, then dragged Figueora down. He once again worked from his back to close out the round. 10-9 Delorme.

Round 3 - Figueroa landed a nice right. Delorme dragged him down, then took his back once again. Figueroa got up, but Delorme was glued to his back still. And Delorme dragged him back down. Delorme slipped off and Figueroa let him stand. Figueroa landed a big right, but Delorme landed a knee and went for a takedown. Edwin resisted it though. Both men looked pretty gassed out. Figueroa landed a big left and an uppercut, but Delorme dragged him back down. Delorme looked to control Figueroa and took his back yet again. Figueroa rolled over and reversed with 30 seconds to go. He opened up with punches and landed some big shots. Delorme was stunned but he held on until the bell. Tough to call. I'd go for another 10-9 Delorme round and 30-27 overall.

Roland Delorme defeated Edwin Figueroa by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sean Pierson vs. Kenny Robertson

Round 1 - Robertson charged in early and ate a counter punch. He charged in again and got pancaked. Robertson persevered and got the takedown, then took his back. Robertson locked up a body triangle, but Pierson escaped and looked for a front choke. They returned to the feet. Neither man was throwing much on the feet. Pierson landed a nice straight right. Robertson got inside with a body lock and they jockeyed for position. Pierson kept Robertson at bay with a front headlock. Robertson finally got up with 45 seconds to go. Pierson landed a very nice three punch combo and another right. 10-9 Pierson.

Round 2 - Robertson led with a couple of kicks. He landed a right on Pierson's chin. Pierson scored with a head kick. Robertson landed a nice counter. Spinning back fist from Robertson connected. Pierson connected with a couple of lefts, Robertson responded with a right hook to the body. Another body kick from Robertson. Huge head kick from Pierson that made Robertson shoot. Pierson shut him down with the front headlock, but went for a D'Arce and Robertson used the space to scramble on top. After 30 seconds or so, Robertson finally opened up with a bit of ground and pound. Big right from Robertson. Pierson was trying to lock him down but couldn't. They rode out the round in that position. 10-9 Robertson.

Round 3 - Tepid start. Robertson landed two rights and a big standing elbow that hurt Pierson. Robertson unloaded, but Pierson stayed in front of him and threw down. Robertson tagged him a few more times, which forced Pierson to try and grapple. Robertson took Pierson's back with both hooks. Pierson escaped, but Robertson re-established it. He wasn't opening up with strikes though. He just stayed stuck to his back, unsuccessfully trying to roll him over. He tried to get a few strikes in there but they had nothing on him. Pierson tried to spike him but Robertson got his neck. Pierson escaped though and ended the fight on top. 10-9 Robertson, and 29-28 for Robertson on my card.

Sean Pierson defeated Kenny Robertson by majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

Sam Stout vs. James Krause

Round 1 - Krause went with some kicks early, and they clinched up against the cage. Stout landed a short elbow and they separated. Krause was switching stances and throwing jabs while Stout was mixing in kicks. Krause landed a front kick and a big knee that stagger Stout. Leg kicks and jabs from Krause. There's a lot of blood all of a sudden. Krause ended up on top with Krause workig a butterfly guard. Big elbow from Krause. Stout got back up, and the blood is from a cut over his eye. Krause went for a cartwheel kick. 10-9 Krause

Round 2 - Krause used his reach to land some jabs while making Stout miss. Krause opened up with some kicks. Stout dug to the body and Krause looked hurt. Stout didn't go after him though. He continued to kickbox while trying to go back to the body. Big kick to the body from Stout. Krause shot in and got the takedown. Krause tried to dive into Stout's guard with a punch but Stout used the space to get up. Another kick to the body from Stout. Krause scored with a left hook. Stout picked up the pace with kicks and straight rights. Stout got Krause to the floor with 25 seconds to go in the round, and rode it out there. Close, but I'll go 10-9 Stout.

Round 3 - Stout kept the pace high and mixed in some kicks with punches to the face. Krause came back with his own kicks though, and they were pretty even over the first two minutes. Punch, kick. Punch, kick. I don't want to be repetitive and it wasn't a boring fight, but it was just the same thing back and forth. Nice side elbow from Krause, who continued to land his jab a bunch. Stout got a takedown with 30 seconds to go. Krause went for a guillotine, and got the tap! Wow! With less than 10 seconds left in the fight! Sorry, 13 seconds. James Krause defeated Sam Stout by submission (guillotine choke), 4:47 of round 3

Jake Shields vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1 - Shields, as usual, is kick-heavy early. Woodley responded with his own body kick, then a leg kick takes the feet out from under Jake. Shields caught a kick, but couldn't get Woodley down. They clinched up against the cage and Sheilds landed some knees to the body. Referee Yves Lavigne separated them relatively quickly. Woodley's not throwing much on the feet while Shields is mixing up different types of kicks. The fighters exchanged kicks, and Shields went for a single. Shields settled for some more knees in the clinch. Woodley was landing some slapping punches to Jakes's side. 10-9 Shields

Round 2 - Shields went back to the kicks. Woodley started punching a little bit more and connected with one. Another leg kick takes Hake's legs out, just like the first round. Shields caught a kick and they clinched up. They exchanged some knees. Shields looked for a couple of trips but there was nothing there. Shields continued to press Woodley against the fence. Shields looked for a guillotine that made Woodley drop to a knee. Shields held him down and kneed his arm. Finally Woodley spun away with 90 seconds to go. Woodley missed with the right and a superman punch. Shields with a body kick. Woodley stuffed another takedown attempt and they clinched again. Woodley landed a good knee to the body. Lavigne separated them with 10 seconds to go. Tough to score, but Shields just did more in my eyes. 10-9 Shields.

Round 3 - Shields pressed the action, sticking a jab in Woodley's face and landing some kicks. Woodley missed with his right again. Shields caught a kick and they clinched yet again. Lavigne wasn't having that and separated them quickly again. Shields landed another kick to the body. Woodley missed again. Back to the clinch. Again, it's Shields with the knees, and Woodley with some potshots to the body. And Lavigne separated them again. Woodleylanded a combo. Huge spinning backfist connects for Shields! And Shields just took it and came right back.'s back to the clinch. And knees. And a ref separation. Woodley with a nice kick to the body. Shields with light jabs and kicks to the body and legs. Woodley stuffed another Shields takedown attempt. Woodley tried an uppercut inside but couldn't land it. They fittingly clinched up to end the fight. 10-9 Woodley, but I have it 29-28 Shields overall. Nothing would surprise me though.

Jake Shields defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)