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Roy Nelson says Daniel Cormier pulled an 'Uncle Tom move'

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson calls Daniel Cormier an "Uncle Tom" for saying he wanted to beat Nelson up "for Dana White." The UFC will likely have to deal with Nelson's use of a vile, racist term in very quick fashion.

Ahead of UFC 161, Roy Nelson was speaking with Ariel Helwani when he crossed a line that could -- and possibly should -- result in the end of his UFC career.

Ariel brought up Daniel Cormier's recent statements that he wants to kick Nelson's ass in part "for Dana White." Nelson went a bizarre direction with his response, stating "Having a lot of black friends. They would say that would be more of an Uncle Tom move."

Pushed to expand on what made it an "Uncle Tom move," Nelson laughed and said "That's what my friends were saying. And I was just like 'wow!' Hey it is what it is. You gotta do what you can do for the boss."

The "my black friends said it" excuse should not fly in this case. Uncle Tom is a vile, racist term. There's no room for other interpretations of what it means.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an oversimplified explanation would be refering to a black man who sides with "the white man" to gain favor. It's a term with a long and very ugly history.

Nelson's manager, Mike Kogan, may have stepped in it a bit himself earlier today when he tweeted out "Fag shoe contest Jordan vs Ariel who wins ? I say Jordan outpinks Ariel Helwani."

Kogan recently defended client Nate Diaz's use of "fag" by clumsily stating that it isn't a term for a gay man where Diaz comes from.

Kogan and Nelson's comments come on the heels of Josh Thomson's bizarre anti-gay marriage ramblings on social media in the past few days, making this a less than positive week for the promotion in terms of PR.

Bloody Elbow has reached out to the UFC for comment and will provide an update once one is given.