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ONE FC 9 Results and Gifs: Phil Baroni breaks ankle, Tim Sylvia loses by Doctor Stoppage

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UFC veterans Phil Baroni and Tim Sylvia suffered bad losses at ONE FC 9 in Manila, Philippines.

Phil Baroni grimices as the doctors attend to his leg
Phil Baroni grimices as the doctors attend to his leg
Photo by Anton Tabuena

Two of the long time MMA veterans in Phil Baroni and Tim Sylvia had a rough outing in Manila at ONE FC 9: Rise to Power.

Tim Sylvia came in 6 pounds over the 265 lb limit the day before, and on fight night, the former UFC heavyweight champion looked slow and sluggish. Sylvia had his moments standing up, but in a somewhat sloppy opener to the evening, Bellator veteran and HW prospect Tony Johnson took him down repeatedly and eventually landed an elbow that cut him. Doctors stepped in, and eventually stopped the contest, which awarded Johnson with the TKO victory.

Here's a gif from BE's own Zombie Prophet:


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Phil Baroni was on the main card, and the NYBA was looking to win his second straight ONE FC bout, and maybe even make a run at the promotion's welterweight title. For the first few moments of his bout against fellow knockout artist, Nobutatsu Suzuki, it looked like it was going according to plan for the AKA product. Baroni was landing hard shots that seemed to have hurt his Japanese opponent, and he was also mixing it up by landing a few takedowns.

A few moments later though, the hard hitting Japanese fighter was able to turn it around, landing a huge flurry that hurt Baroni. During the end of the sequence, the UFC and PRIDE vet fell down and the referee stopped the fight to award him the TKO victory.

Baroni was conscious after the stoppage, which made the audience wonder why he was being strapped on to a stretcher to leave the cage. What most onlookers didn't really notice when it happened though, was that the American apparently broke his ankle badly. Check out the gif of the freak injury below:


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