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Mayweather vs. Guerrero live results: Floyd Mayweather takes the decision win over Robert Guerrero

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Bloody Elbow has Mayweather vs. Guerrero PPV live results. Did Floyd Money Mayweather stay undefeated? Or did Robert The Ghost Guerrero pull off the miracle upset? Find out right here.

Al Bello

Floyd Mayweather def. Robert Guerrero by unanimous decision (117-111 x 3)

Heading into Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero, there was a clear way this fight was likely to go. And it turned out to pretty much go exactly that way. Floyd Mayweather did what Floyd Mayweather does - he used his defensive skills, movement, timing, angles... the whole package. The end result was a runaway unanimous decision victory for Mayweather.

Pre-fight, some analysts felt that Guerrero would make this a challenge for Mayweather. For the first two rounds, it seemed like they might be right. Mayweather got off to a slow start, as Guerrero was able to rough him up in the clinch and have a degree of success in rounds 1 and 2. But by round 3, that was all over, as Floyd made the needed adjustments and controlled the entirety of the fight from there on out. Mayweather never did manage to knock Guerrero down, but he still dominated the fight.

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Overall, while not a very competitive fight, it was another Money Mayweather performance that reminds us all that he is indeed the pound for pound king.

Post-fight, Mayweather said that he suffered an injury to his right hand during the fight. He also confirmed that he will be fighting in September, but when asked if that fight would be against Canelo Alvarez, he was unsurprisingly non-committal.

Check out these gifs of this action:

Incredible movement from Mayweather

More remarkable defense from Floyd

Beautiful low left hook from Mayweather