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Former boxing champ Ricardo Mayorga wins MMA debut in odd circumstances (animated gif)

Watch the bizarre ending of former boxing champion Ricardo Mayorga's MMA debut in Nicaragua at Omega MMA. Mayorga defeated Wesley Tiffer with a seemingly illegal knee to the spine in the second round.

Former WBA/WBC Welterweight champion and WBC light middleweight champion Ricardo Mayorga finally made his MMA debut last night in his native Nicaragua at Omega MMA's "Battle of the Americas." The 39-year-old Mayorga defeated Wesley Tiffer in a totally jacked up fight that ended when Tiffer, the victim of an uncalled illegal knee to the spine, couldn't come out for the third round.

Here's a gif of the action courtesy of Zombie Prophet:


The bout was contracted to be a Lightweight contest but Mayorga came in to yesterday's weigh-ins an incredible 20 pounds over the 155 Lightweight limit at 175.9 pounds. Tiffer weighed in at 153 pounds. The fight was allowed to continue as a catchweight bout.

Mayorga boxed at 147 and 154 pounds during his pro career which ended with a 2011 TKO loss to Miguel Cotto. He was 29-8-1 as a boxer.

Here's Sherdog's Jordan Breen with a description of the action last night at the Pharaoh's Casino in Mayorga'a hometown of Managua, Nicaragua:

Mayorga was taken down by Tiffer after his opening salvo of punches and spent the vast majority of the bout's 10 minutes clinging to Tiffer, who held full mount and did little with it. On the sporadic occasions of Mayorga's escape, he was taken back down immediately after attempting to punch, right back into full mount.

The awkward-yet-tepid bout finally saw drama in the late second round when Mayorga bucked to escape from mount and rolled into a triangle armbar from Tiffer. Mayorga toughed his way through the hold and freed himself from Tiffer's subsequent armbar attempt with what appeared to be an illegal knee to the spine just before the round ended. Referee Milton Rosales Toshi did not call a foul, but after consulting with the cageside physician, Tiffer was deemed unfit to continue, giving Mayorga his first MMA win by stoppage at the end of the second round.

Mayorga originally was to make his MMA debut in 2010 at Shine Fights "World Collide" against UFC veteran Din Thomas. That event was killed by the North Carolina Boxing Authority when boxing promoter won an injunction to stop the fights as he had Mayorga under contract at the time. That decision effectively killed Shine Fights as a promotion.