Henry Cejudo to Super Fight League would be a perfect match

Henry Cejudo is a combat sports promoters dream... Olympic Gold Medalist, inspiring backstory, Hispanic Heritage, but for his next series of fights could he do something to make himself even more marketable to the UFC? That thing would be to take 2 or 3 fights with the Super Fight League in India.

India is the second most populated country in the world with around 1.2 Billion people, and as of right now not a single one of them has the skills to fight in the UFC. UFC would love to find a link into this potentially lucrative market and a young prospect like Cejudo should take it upon himself to seek out a couple of fights in the country so that the MMA fans there learn his name, and potentially embrace him as a top fighter who wasn't afraid to embrace their country.

So far in his brief career, Cejudo's three opponents have a combined record of 6-19, and each was on at least a 2 fight losing streak when they stepped in the cage with Cejudo. Cejudo's goal so far appears to stay busy instead of taking steps up in competition. Super Fight League is perfect for this with their weekly fight cards, he could easily fight for SFL 3 times in 3 months. The opponents that Cejudo would be facing in India would probably be about the same caliber, or just a little worse so I don't think it would really set his career back any from a competitive standpoint. He could fight at 135lbs, or start working on his expected drop to 125lbs.

When Daniel Cormier took several fights overseas in Australia early in his career, he said that his international wrestling background had prepared him for dealing with the travel, jet lag, and being able to perform shortly after a long trip. While Cejudo hasn't kept the same international wrestling schedule recently that Cormier did prior to turning pro, it is still a skill set and experience that Cejudo should be able draw on from his athletic past.

Super Fight League has been willing to import foreign talent such as Todd Duffee, Colleen Schneider, Xavier Foupa-Pokam, and Michael Page to headline their shows while they try to develop their own talent. I'd have to think they would have an interest at bringing in a top prospect from the US, especially one with Cejudo's Olympic credentials. It makes sense for both the SFL, and any top prospects looking to make themselves a little more attractive to UFC and their plans for global expansion.

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