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Paul Daley has new complaints about Bellator contract issues

Paul Daley took to Facebook recently to decry Bellator's continuing actions to keep him out of the cage.

via Bellator

Paul Daley's Bellator saga continues. It's been almost a year since the brash brawler signed with the worlds second biggest MMA promotion and despite having fought three times since, only one appearance has been under the Bellator banner. Most recently Daley scored an impressive second round knock out over journeyman fighter Rodrigo Ribeiro at Dubai FC 4.

Daley's lack of stateside activity stems from an arrest and pending assault charges following a bar brawl in the UK. They are charges which the fighter vehemently denies, but until he sees his day in court he will be unable to acquire a work visa for the US. In the meantime he has looked to find fights when and where he can, it's a process which Bellator has not helped.

Following two recent appearances it appeared the problem had been solved and Daley was free to fight as he pleased until he could make his Bellator return. Not so, claims Daley, who says that the promotion continues to make life more difficult for him as he tries to find bouts.

Just got word Bellator have refused to allow me to fight yet another opponent!!! It's becoming really frustrating that even though they are not my managers, they can approve my fights.

I've got great fights offered to keep me busy fighting and earning, and they seem to want to put a stop to this....all this while, having to pay for my OWN legal costs on a matter that influence my visa outcome...and my ability to fight for the promotion (Bellator) Its bullshit.

There's a lot more too...with regards to other promoters having to PAY Bellator a "Booking fee" for using me on there(sic) shows?....


I don't know that this will help matters any in freeing him up to fight, but it's another interesting footnote in the growing heap of Bellator contract issues. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.