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Former Lloyd Irvin blackbelt 'very disappointed that the rapist Lloyd Irvin' will be at the IBJJF worlds

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Mike Fowler, a blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Lloyd Irvin, has taken to Facebook to express his outrage that the man he calls a "sexual predator" and a "bully" will be at the IBJJF World Championships this weekend.

Donald Mirelle, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Mike Fowler, a four time American jiu-jitsu national champion who got his black belt from Lloyd Irvin has blasted his old coach on Facebook:

Very excited for the worlds to kick off and can't wait to watch. On the other hand, am very disappointed that the rapist LLOYD IRVIN will also be in attendance. Don't hide any comments this weekend... He should be made to feel outcasted in our community that he is trying to poison! Think if that was your sister/wife/girlfriend/ a shame the ibjjf has to allow

these scum sexual offenders into the venue. I don't want him near my family you? LI is not a martial artist ...he is a bully and sexual predator. Disgusting!

Fowler has long been at the center of various rumors regarding his old coach but this is his first public statement on the matter.

Bloody Elbow contacted Lloyd Irvin and here is his response via email:

"Enough of this already. The only "poison" in our community is this continuous slander from people with an axe to grind and the amateur media outlets who insist on distribution of said "poison" just to get viewers, likes & traffic...

This is a lame strategic attempt to cause controversy right before the Worlds just like you guys tried to do to Dj before pans. Anyone smart can see what you're doing. You can see my response at See you at the Worlds!"

It's very important to note that although Irvin stood trial for rape, he was acquitted of all charges in 1990 despite the convictions of several other men involved in the same incident. Also, Irvin has not been charged in the New Year's Eve sexual assault of one of his students for which two members of his elite competition team are currently charged and awaiting trial.

Several members of Irvin's competition team left the camp in February amidst allegations of further impropriety with female students on Irvin's part. Irvin shut down his affiiliate program in response to the controversy.

Fowler had more to say about Irvin on a recent episode of Open Mat Radio.