Pot-shotting with Mike Pyle

Let's go back to the night of August/6/2011. In the city of brotherly love, Rashad had just annihilated short-notice replacement Tito Ortiz. Vitor Belfort unleashed multiple fists of christ to Sexyama. Putting him in a beautiful slumber.

Yoshihiro Akiyama, where are you!?

And Rory McDonald handily defeated Mike "Quicksand" Pyle.

  • The focus of my fascination, Mike Pyle's next fight was in Brazil against Ricardo Funch. He went into that fight with 2 knockouts, the last one occuring in 2006. The majority of BE writers chose Pyle by decision with only Brookhouse and Thapa predicting T(KO) victories, which I must say I am very surprised was even predicted.
  • This was the beginning of Pyle "pot-shotting", which I describe basically as throwing one strike at a time.
  • In this gif, you see Pyle hit Funch with the right straight, a glancing body kick and apply the Muay Thai plum, connecting with a knee.
  • Pyle surprises again with a comeback KO of Josh Neer. I can't really put into words his striking style. It's sort of a precision striking, but at the same time it isn't. And Pyle's opponents just don't see his strikes coming. GIF
  • And yet again Pyle pulls a KO out of his ass with the flowing Mullet against James Head. A solid, solid all around fighter. Mike Pyle, the most unexpected person to have 3 straight KO's, two utilizing the Muay Thai Plum. It looks like Pyle isn't even hitting his opponents that hard, but is getting in that "light switch" area. Think Chuck Liddel/Rich Franklin. GIF
  • And then finally Rick Story. Pyle came close to finishing Story in round 3 with again pot-shots. Picking his spots throwing almost exclusively 1 strike at a time.

As you can see, I'm no writer or striking analysis guy like the immortal Jack Slack and infamous Motmatremoitremere. Just something I noticed, and found, really strange about Mike Pyle's last 4 fights.

My conclusion, Mike Pyle's use of the mullet, long punches, having a whole career where he never did this kind of striking (similar to Vitor rarely kicking for a long time). The older, veterans are surprising opponents with moves that are in most fighters skillsets by adding it too their "old game".

Needless to say, I will be watching Pyle's next fight very closely. And how about that Helicopter Armbar attempt. DAMN!

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