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UFC 160: Silva vs. Velasquez live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card

Live results and thoughts for the undercard of UFC 160 from Vegas, which will features a total of seven fights.

Join us at Bloody Elbow for live results, play-by-play, and commentary of the entire UFC 160 event today from Las Vegas. The event will kick off with seven preliminary card fights followed by a main card featuring five bouts. The first three bouts will be streamed live on Facebook, and that stream kicks off at approximately 6:35pm ET/3:35pm PT. They flip things over to FX at 8pm ET/5pm ET for the other four preliminary card fights, then finally move onto pay per view for the main card at 9pm ET/6pm PT. This post will cover the prelims.

The featured bout on the prelims is a welterweight battle between Mike Pyle and Rick Story, who are looking to break through in the 170-pound weight class with a victory. The other fights look just as good as that one, so let's hope that the preliminaries are pretty entertaining.

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as the event progresses.

Estevan Payan vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1 - The fighters started off with some leg kicks, and Stephens landed one low. Stephens looked for a takedown but it wasn't there, so he went back to kicks. Payan landed a big body shot, and a right that staggered Stephens. He didn't charge in and attack though, and Stephens quickly got a takedown. Stephens landed an elbow that opened a cut. Estevan went for an armbar from the bottom but Stephens escaped and they returned to the feet. Payan looked for a guillotine but Stephens took it back down and popped out. Stephens landed a big right that backed off Payan, but he fired back quickly. Stephens closed with a nice countersome more kicks, and a big right. 10-9 Stephens.

Round 2 - Stephens opened with another big right. After another kick to the balls, Stephens got a takedown. Payan scrambled up but got dragged back down. Lots of blood coming from Payan. Stephens continued to drop elbows while Payan tried to wipe the blood from his eyes. Payan landed an upkick but Stephens used the time to move to side. He tried to pop to mount but Payan gave up his back instead. Stephens went for a facelock. Blood was just pouring out of Payan's head, forming a huge puddle in front of him. It was almost to the point of disgusting. Stephens controlled the rest of the round from his back. 10-9 Stephens.

Round 3 - Stephens continued to press the action but Payan stayed right there. Stephens got a takedown about 90 seconds in and took his back once again. Payan got back up, but Stephens grinded away against the cage instead. The octagon looks like a blood bank exploded inside it. Stephens completed a big takedown with a minute to go after Payan threw a knee in the clinch. He landed a few elbows, but ran out of time. 10-9 Stephens, 30-27 on my card.

Jeremy Stephens defeated Estavan Payan by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Brian Bowles vs. George Roop

Round 1 - The Bruins scored! Wait, wrong sport. Roop landed a nice knee inside while both men were feeling each other out. Bowles landed a nice body shot. Bowles stayed on the outside and waited for Roop to engage. When he did, Bowles clubbed him a right that wobbled the taller fighter. Roop was mixing up kicks to the body and head. He came in with a nice combination that bloodied Bowles a bit. Another one that ended with a head kick connected on Bowles. Bowles went back to the body, then clipped him with the right. Roop went down and Bowles cinched up his patented guillotine. Bowles flipped over the top into mount with it, which looked painful. Roop escaped, but he was still stuck in mount. He got out just before the end of the round. 10-9 Bowles.

Round 2 - Roop started out with front kicks to the body and jabs, which kept Bowles on the outside. Bowles looked a little tired. A big jab from Roop sent Bowles sprawling to the mat. Roop jumped on him and pounded him out with some huge shots. Impressive stuff. George Roop defeats Brian Bowles by TKO (strikes), 1:43 of round 2

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1 - Burrell opened with a nice right. Thompson clinched up against the cage and went for a takedown. After they separated Thompson landed a nice kick. Burrell responded with a combination but got taken down. He popped up quickly though and they went back to the clinch. The fighters exchanged big knees. Upon separation, they...clinched again. The crowd started to boo a bit. Back in the center, Burrell was the guy coming forward but Thompson was the one landing the strikes. Burrell went for a takedown but Thompson ended up in his mount. Burrell just got right up out of it though. They ground it out against the cage for a little longer. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2 - Thompson opened with a nice kick. Thompson landed two nice body shots. Burrell continued to come forward and landed some nice knees in the clinch, but was getting caught a lot in the pocket. They clinched against the cage for a while once again. Thompson landed a big head kick upon separation. Burrell closed the distance and threw a punch, but Thompson ducked and looked for a takedown. Burrell fought it off though, and they clinched yet again. Burrell landed a nice right, but Thompson came up with a high kick, and another. Thompson threw a spinning wheel kick and a solid right. Burrell missed badly with a flying knee and spinning elbow. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 3 - Burrell opened with a big right. Some more clinch work followed. It's really not as boring as it sounds though - at least they were throwing strikes. Thompson had a little less steam on his strikes. Burrell landed a couple of short uppercuts inside. Burrell landed a big left, but Thompson responded with a big head kick. Thompson shot in and got a takedown. Burrell got up quickly though. Thompson was exhausted, and Burrell tried to take advantage with some big rights. Thompson shot without success and was stumbling around the cage. Burrell missed with a flying knee and Thompson tied him up against the cage. Burrell attacked with knees but Thompson stayed right there with him. 10-9 Burrell, but 29-28 Thompson overall.

Stephen Thompson defeated Nah-Shon Burrell by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Abel Trujillo

Round 1 - Trujillo was the first one to throw, but Nurmagomedov avoided the strikes. Trujillo shot in and got a takedown. Nurmy locked up an arm from the bottom and rolled it over. Trujillo survived though, and Nurmy got up. Khrabib tripped Trujillo to the mat and took his back. Abel got up but got slammed twice for his efforts. Another slam. And another. Trujillo keeps getting up, but Nurmagomedov was just straight ragdolling him. Trujillo was warned for grabbing the fence. Slick transition after another throw and Trujillo ended up on top.Nurmagomedov threw up a triangle and locked it up. He rolled over on top and Nurmy switched to an armbar. Then back to the triangle. But the round ended! Abel barely survived. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 2 - After another feeling-out process, Nurmy slipped a punch and landed one of his own. He went around to the back and got a takedown, but Trujillo spun out and stunned him with a right hand. Nurmy landed a huge right as Trujillo came in. Khabib got the back again and grinded against the cage. Trujillo tried to roll through another takedown but it didn't work this time and Nurmy ended up on his back on the ground. Trujillo got up yet again though. Two more times dragged down, two more times he got up. Trujillo rolled through again and ended up on top, but Nurmy got up. Then Nurmy dragged him back down. Crazy grappling exchanges. Nurmagomedov spent the rest of the round controlling Abel's back on the mat. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 3 - Trujillo cornered Nurmagomedov and looked to strike, but he fell into the web and got dragged down again. Back control. Trip takedown. Back control on the ground. Trujillo gets up. Nurmy dragged him back down. Rinse and repeat. Nurmagomedov worked in Trujillo's guard for a bit, then they went back to the way it was before. He has hit at least 15 takedowns in the fight. Unbelievable. Trujillo was incredibly frustrated, but he just got owned. 10-9 Nurmagomedov, and 30-27 overall.

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Abel Trujillo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1 - Whittaker backed Smith up and landed some strikes against the cage. Smith came back a good shot though. Whittaker landed a couple of jabs. Whittaker has one hand high and one hand at his knees, which is weird. Smith landed a head kick, Whittaker went back to the jab. Smtih shot in but got stuffed. Whittaker made him pay with a good combo. Smith connected with a superman punch and a right. He followed up with a right that dropped him. Smith looked for a kimura but Whittaker rolled out. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2 - Smith immediately got tagged with a left hook that hurt him. Colton came right back with his own strikes though. Smith landed a right to Whittaker's chin, and another. Whittaker responded with a counter left that time though. Whittaker with a nice combo backing up. Smith missed with another takedown attempt. Whittaker was waiting on Smith to move, then countering. Smith landed a good kick to the side. Whittaker landed two left counter hooks. Another one hurt Smith. And another. Colton has a big cut on his cheek. Whittaker landed give uppercuts in a row, and a nice left. Smith was still alert, but he got beaten up. 10-9 Whittaker.

Round 3 - Smith charged forward with some strikes. He did the same thing and got clipped with that left again, which put Smith on his back. Whittaker jumped on him and the ref called the fight. Was it too quick? Doesn't matter now. Robert Whittaker defeated Colton Smith by TKO (strikes), :41 of round 3

Dennis Bermudez vs. Max Holloway

Round 1 - Holloway was making Bermudez miss early, and using his length well. Lots of feinting, not a lot of fighting. Bermudez finally landed a two-punch combo. Bermudez finally shot in, but Hollaway defended with a guillotine attempt that made Bermudez pull away. Hard leg kick from Bermudez. Holloway landed a cool spinning backfist on Bermudez as he was leaning over, and he was hurt. Holloway looked to attack but Bermudez clinched up. Holloway tried it again and connected to the body. Bermudez landed two solid rights, but Holloway came back with two more spinning kicks. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2 - Bermudez shot in right away, but Holloway spun around and took his back. Bermudez got away but got kicked in the face. Bermudez came back with two solid lefts. Nice combination from Holloaway. Holloway was caught off balance by a leg kick. They struggled for control in the clinch for a while. The two men traded single strikes for a while until Holloway landed a nice head kick. After both missed with fancy kicks, they high-fived. Bermudez got a big takedown late, but it won'y steal the round. 10-9 Holloway

Round 3 - They both came out throwing early, but Bermudez got the fight to the ground. Holloway got up but ate a knee. Holloway dug to the body with a combination. Bermudez worked the body as well. Holloway was landing his jab and straight rights at a high percentage. Bermudez got another trip takedown but Holloway popped right up. Holloway shot in but got stuffed. Two big left kicks from Dennis, right hook for Holloway. Bermudez got another takedown and held him down for a little while. Big elbows from Bermudez, but Holloway quickly locked him down. Holloway was cut. Bermudez tried, but he ran out of time. 10-9 Bermudez, but Holloway won the fight 29-28. Or not.

Dennis Bermudez defeated Max Holloway by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Mike Pyle vs. Rick Story

Round 1 - Pyle landed a knee to the body but got taken down. Pyle looked to create some offense from his back, and eventually trapped an arm. Story fought off the attempt though, and pushed Pyle against the cage. Pyle finally got up with two minutes to go but ate some body shots. Story landed a huge right and some more shots to the body. Story clubbered Pyle and dropped him. He was all over him on he ground by Pyle survived by keeping his legs high. 10-9 Story

Round 2 - They started the second a lot slower, but Pyle landed a nice knee up the middle after a bout a minute. Story got it down but Pyle looked for an inverted armbar. Pyle reefed away on the arm, but Story protected it with his own leg and escaped. Story wasn't really doing anything in Pyle's guard for a while. In fact, he stayed there for the rest of the round. Surprised there wasn't a standup there. Pyle did more work on the bottom and deserves the round. 10-9 Pyle on my card, 10-9 Story on Nevada judge's cards.

Round 3 - Story landed a big left after a body shot. Pyle tried another knee up the middle but Story caught it. Both men slowed their pace considerably and didn't have a lot on their strikes. Pyle landed a standing elbow. Another elbow landed and Story was bleeding. He kept throwing the right standing elbow and it was connecting. Pyle landed some knees but got taken down briefly. Story held onto Pyle for a while against the cage. Pyle landed a right with a minute left. The fighters traded rights and Story got a much-needed takedown. Pyle looked for a armbar and used it to sweep. He took the back with a body triangle, and landed some punches. Rogan actually called them "bitch slaps". 10-9 Pyle. I have it 29-28 Pyle, but will the judges?

Mike Pyle defeated Rick Story by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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