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UFC 160 Q&A video: Daniel Cormer fires back at Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier responded to Jon Jones tweets about "wolf tickets" at yesterday's UFC 160 Q&A in Las Vegas.

UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier, who is reportedly considering cutting down to 205 to fight at Light Heavyweight fielded questions at yesterday's UFC 160 Q&A. The most interesting question had to do with LHW champ Jon Jones:

Daniel Cormier; Today I was on Twitter and Jon Jones took a shot at me. He said 'would someone ask me if I'd started cutting weight yet. Guys ask me if I've started cutting weight yet.

Jon Anik: Have you started cutting weight yet?

DC: I haven't started cutting weight yet but we can fight at 220 tomorrow if you want. He can walk in off the street and fight at whatever he weighs. Let's get in the Octagon, Jon, you and I.