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Invicta president Shannon Knapp says Brett Atchley banned from all Invicta events

Shannon Knapp, president of Invicta FC, says that Brett Atchley is no longer allowed at her events in the wake of a wide variety of allegations from WMMA personalities.

Shannon Knapp, president of Invicta FC, announced that Brett Atchley has been banned from all events going forward. This is a major situation as Atchley has spent several years as one of the top women's MMA managers in the game.

Here's the tweet from Inside MMA:

Bloody Elbow has been covering the Atchley story since Knapp posted on Facebook about a manager who was claiming he could blackball fighters from her promotion.

Women's MMA personalities such as Tara LaRosa, Jessamyn Duke, Kim Couture, Sarah Maloy, Alyssa Vasquez, Elaina Maxwell and many others have come forward alleging a wide variety of inappropriate behavior from Atchley over the past several years.

Many fighters have also left Atchley's management company since the story broke, including Taylor Stratford who tweeted "P.S i'm no longer a represented fighter, currently a free agent." And many more fighters may be unwilling to be managed by a man who isn't allowed to attend events for Invicta.