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UFC 160 preview: Is this the weakest MMA's HW division has ever been?

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Sure we've got a dominant HW champ and a top contender in Junior dos Santos, but where is the up and coming talent? Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson look ahead to UFC 160.

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I'm back with another installment of the MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse. Eugene S. Robinson author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Askingis my counter-part for this edition.

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Topics covered include:

  • Kid Nate's contagious panic that MMA's HW division is the weakest it's ever been.
    Note that I'm NOT talking about the UFC HW division which might be at it's all-time strongest. I'm talking about the division as a whole with no Pride, no Strikeforce, no Affliction.
    There's no more Fedor, no more Brock, no more Carwin, the Overeem bubble has popped. Stefan Struve, Dave Herman, and others of the younger generation have been busts. Travis Browne and Stipe Miocic are the hot prospects? Really?
    Daniel Cormier won't fight Cain and is talking about moving down to 205.
    Bigfoot Silva is the lineal MMA champion and he's getting a barely deserved title shot against a man who demolished him just a few months ago.
    The big news is a 35 year old Josh Barnett re-signing with the UFC?
    The thing is that even though the UFC's HW division may be the strongest it's ever been, this is literally the first time in MMA history that every relevant Heavyweight on Earth is signed to the UFC and when you look at things that way, the division is not in great shape. Bellator's HW division is a bust. One FC doesn't even try.
    Sure Cain and JDS might be the best #1 and #2 since Fedor and Big Nog were in their primes, but where's today's Cro Cop? Where is the up and coming talent? Seriously take a look at the division as a whole, it's scary thin.

  • UFC 160 predictions
  • Nate tries to warn Eugene away from picking Mark Hunt, fails, almost picks Hunt himself
  • Is the Glover Teixeira hype train headed for a crash?
  • Is Gray Maynard's psyche broken?
  • Can K.J. Noons turn it around?
  • Karate vs real life
  • The scariest guy Eugene ever knew
  • The surprising weakness of Alistair Overeem's steroids game
  • Lots of digressions including Hell's Angels vs. Banditos, X in the 80s, some retaliatory grammatical nit-picking, fighters having hot girlfriends and more