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UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Silva betting lines

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A look at the betting lines for the full UFC 160 card, and a few recommended plays from Tim B.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

UFC 160 is just around the corner, and the betting lines for the fights are out. I've made a little bit of money back in the last two events, but still have a looong way to go to get back to level. It's going to happen though. I can feel it. The second half of 2013 is going to be akin to someone backing a truck up to my front door and dumping money onto my welcome mat. I'm thinking positive! Anyway enough of my BS, let's get to the lines (via BestFightOdds):

The main card doesn't interest me at all betting-wise. I'm not going to bet on the dog in the main or co-main, and James Te Huna is a huge stretch as well. I'd actually consider Gray Maynard if he dropped into the -180 range, but around -200 is just a bit too much. And while Donald Cerrone is very likely to beat K.J. Noons, -280 isn't a great price. So with little here, let's move onto the undercard.

Well - there's not a lot here either to be honest. I like Rick Story, but I honestly would only bet on him if he were the underdog here against Mike Pyle. I'd shy away from the TUF fight because I don't know enough about either guy (and I don't really care). About the only appealing lines I see are Stephen Thompson in the -150 range and Jeremy Stephens at -212. I can't believe I'd bet on Stephens but if he makes featherweight, this bout is very winnable for him.

I guess I have to bet on Maynard now, since there's not much else.

Recommended plays
.5 unit on Maynard at -196
1 unit on Stephens at -212
.5 unit on Thompson at -145

Last event:: UFC on FX 8 - 2-2, +.22 unit
2013 standings: 15-25, -6.96 units