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More fighters allege inappropriate behavior from WMMA manager Brett Atchley

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With stories surfacing over the past 24 hours about women's MMA manager Brett Atchley, more fighters are speaking out about uncomfortable experiences of their own.

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With the Bloody Elbow story coming out earlier today about the alleged improper behavior from women's MMA manager Brett Atchley, more personalities in the women's MMA community are speaking out. It appears that much more will surface in the coming days.

Sarah Maloy reposted the Bloody Elbow article on her Facebook and added the following statement:

I was very torn about posting this article...I don't want to bring any negative attention to our sport, but at the same time, what is happening is NOT ok! I was unfortunate enough to have my own encounter with this man at an Invicta event. I am a strong woman n rebuked his physical advances as forcefully as he made them. I was also told that he was the only way to get an Invicta contract or even another fight with them for that matter. He even implied that he would get me a contract without hiring him as a manager under inappropriate circumstances. I admit he got n my head a little...I mean I wasn't able to get an MMA fight for a while n did a couple boxing matches. Of course I came to my senses, but just n case there is anyone else out there that is struggling n a situation like this, please feel like u can talk about it! There is such a strong community of WMMA peeps that will support u 100%!

Amateur fighter Alyssa Vasquez, Fallon Fox's last amateur opponent, was on the ProWMMA Now! podcast last night and she shared her own story of inappropriate conduct from Atchley at Invicta 5.

She initially talked about how Atchley had talked to her about his pull in the industry and claimed that he was the reason Alexis Davis didn't receive an immediate UFC contract:

"He has friends in the industry that 'do him favors,' and he referenced Alexis Davis not getting a UFC contract in the initial wave of UFC fighters when they initially opened the female bantamweight bracket. He said she didn't get her contract because somebody was doing him a favor because she screwed him over, allegedly, in some business deal."


"After we hung up then he shoots me a text. I had told him I planned on going to Invicta 5 and then he shoots me a text after we hang up and he says 'hey, when we're there, we should grab a beer.' So I replied back as I would with anybody and I said 'sure, why not? Awesome beer and groovy people, hey, fire it up.'

And shortly after that one he sends me another one and he says 'we should hug.' So I text him back and say 'Yeah, cool! Hugs are awesome.' And then he texts me another one and he says 'we should kiss.' And at that point I wrapped up the conversation only because I didn't wanna feed into it because I knew he was drunk and I didn't want to feed into it and have him say anything he would regret later. The next day he texts back and he writes 'I'm sorry, I respect you. I didn't mean to cross the line.'"

She then shared the story of what happened at the event when they did meet up:

"During the intermission (at Invicta 5) we met in the walkway and went to a local restaurant and went right to one of the bars and sat down right at the bar.

As soon as I sat down I'm face forward at the bar and he grabs his stool and he pulls it up riiiight next to me. And he's asking me like 'what's wrong? You're not being very social.' And I was just like 'oh, I'm very shy.' Which, I am shy but I'm also very funny about people being in my personal space straight out the gate. And I will say that at no point in time did I put my hand up and say 'hey guy, you need to back up.' So I'm definitely going to eat a lot of fault for like how this event happened. We were sitting there having the beer and he's telling me the latest and greatest drama with one of his, business, business and then abruptly it stopped and was like 'you're a real cool chick. I like you! I think you're cute!'

It's nothing that's really sleazy. The things that he was saying to me were the kind of things you could say to somebody on the street and they wouldn't think that you're like wildly inappropriate. It wasn't anything too crazy so I was just laughing it off like 'You're so funny, Brett. Let's get back to the fights.' And it was just kind of dragging on."


"So we ended up wrapping up the beer and we go to hug each other...well, first I tried to pay for the beer and he said 'no, no, no, I got it.' He insists so I was like 'You shouldn't have done that,' but I thanked him for it because I didn't want to be an a-hole. It was a very nice thing for him to do. So we hug to part ways and we go in and immediately he kisses me on the neck and we pull apart a little bit more. I pulled back to pull away from him and that's when he legitimately kissed me. ...I just kind of wrapped it up like 'okay, guy.' It was kind of like, I didn't go with it but I just stopped it in like a nice kind of way like 'okay, you kissed me. I don't know where the fuck that came from.'"

Multiple fighters have contacted Bloody Elbow since the article ran this afternoon so keep an eye out for more updates in the coming hours and days.