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Uriah Hall leaves Tiger Schulmann's for Reign Training Center

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UFC prodigal son Uriah Hall has left Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts to train with Mark Munoz at his Reign Training Center.


It's far too early to call Uriah Hall's career a dissapointment, but it's a product of the UFC's outsized expectations of him that it already sort of feels like one. First pegged as a rising star in the 2011 Bloody Elbow Scouting Reports, he lost the two biggest fights of his early career to Chris Weidman and Costa Philippou. He entered the Ultimate Fighter 17 on a three fight win streak and was the immediate favorite to win the whole thing, and he almost did.

His performance in the finale left much to be desired, as he lost a split decision to the scrappy, but undersized, Kelvin Gastelum. It was a fight where Hall largely seemed lost and listless and it appears that this most recent setback has finally spurred him to make a change. A longtime member of the Tiger Schulmann chain of MMA gyms, Uriah Hall has moved camp to Mark Munoz's Reign MMA. Damon Martin broke the story via Twitter.

Honestly this is a great fit for Hall. Munoz has quietly built a reputation for being a very good coach and trainer, currently working with Jake Ellenberger, as well as a host of former UFC fighters. Munoz also has close ties to team Black House and has been brought in by Anderson Silva on several occasions to help hone the Middleweight champions wrestling. For a fighter like Hall, who seems to depend so heavily on good coaching and training to get the most out of his athletic gifts, this is exactly what he needs.

Reign MMA can offer Hall opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to him, even given the wide reach that the Schulmann gyms have in the Northeast. I look forward to seeing if and how his game changes or improves as a result.