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Invicta FC CEO Shannon Knapp issues statement warning about shady managers

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Invicta CEO Shannon Knapp took to Facebook to warn fighters away from shady managers making false claims. Here's the statement:

I have received numerous complaints again about a manager making false claims to sign athletes to their management company and/or personally using my name to gain an athlete's trust to sign or intimidate them into signing with the management company. I am a professional and do not form personal friendships with managers for these very reasons.

Invicta FC is a company that supports and employs the athletes not the managers! NOBODY can get an athlete blackballed from our promotion or stop an athlete from an opportunity to compete in the organization except for the athlete themselves. I know that I have posted about this before, but strongly feel the need to reiterate again how important it is to do your research when hiring a manager to represent you. A manager is employed by the athlete and is a representitve of the athlete and their brand. Please do your research and be cautious when employing someone that will speak on your behalf. When in doubt about a manager contact that mangers past and present signed athletes and do the research! I can not begin to express how important this will be in your career and how doing your research will save you a lot of grief in the end.

I am not only the president/owner of Invicta FC, but most importantly, I am a HUGE advocate for the athlete and the sport. If someone is spreading false information about Invicta FC employment policies and/or aledging that they have a friendship with me that gives them an advantage, or aledging a friendship to intimidate you into signing a management agreement, please contact me imediately.

Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more on this story as it develops.