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Bryan Caraway releases statements on elbowing Cat Zingano, weed gaffe

Bryan Caraway is giving his side of the story on the complaints that he elbowed Cat Zingano before her fight against Miesha Tate at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale as well as his regrets about his choice of words regarding Pat Healy's suspension.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Last week Bryan Caraway was getting his share of poor publicity. Initially on the end of some disparaging remarks from Nate Diaz for accepting Pat Healy's lost bonus money and making a few remarks of his own. He was thrust into the spotlight again when reports surfaced from Cat Zingano's fight camp that Caraway had elbowed her in the back of the head during a pre-fight meeting at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale. Zingano would go on to defeat Miesha Tate (Caraway's longtime girlfriend) by 3rd round TKO at the event, but the incident stuck with her and her fight camp. Caraway has now made a statement about the incident via Facebook.

"This is a joke and a feeble attempt to jump on the band wagon and get a little publicity. It’s sad that someone would stoop so low. I know if someone elbowed Miesha I would say something about it right then not when conveniently there’s a ton of media involved. Total Lies and BS."

He also gave some followup statements, again over Facebook, regarding his words for Pat Healy following the fighter's failed drug test.

"It was a poor choice of words I got ahead of myself," Caraway said. "I meant you have no tolerance for people who smoke weed knowing its illegal or banned and get in trouble for it. I have plenty of friends who smoke and they are great people. I personally just choose not to use it. Pat Healy is actually my bro and I felt bad because I didn't mean it that way. Sometimes I'm a knuckle head."

He spoke about his decision to take the short notice fight against Johnny Bedford, which ended up netting him the eventual submission of the night bonus, following Healy's failed test.

"It was the best five-day decision I've ever made," Caraway said of fighting at UFC 159. "There's going to be haters in this sport, but I know I'm a genuinely good person, and I know that's eventually going to shine through. People are going to start seeing my character and that I'm a tough dude. It does feel good to get recognition. It's welcoming."

Caraway made mentioned that he may be getting surgery done to repair injuries to his knee and shoulder, which could keep him sidelined for some time. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.