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UFC On FX 8 results: It's time for Vitor Belfort's next title shot

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Following his first round knockout of Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold, Belfort has proven that he should be next in line for the 185lb. title.

Chris Trotman

Last night, UFC veteran Vitor Belfort demolished Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold. It took the "Young Dinosaur" less than a single round to finish Rockhold. He landed an incredible spinning back kick that dropped him and followed up with aggressive ground and pound to get the stoppage.

Ever since Belfort's KO loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 126, MMA and UFC fans have refused to even entertain the idea of a title rematch against Silva. However, since that loss Belfort has gone on a four fight winning streak in the Middleweight division. He's also finished all four of his opponents with only Michael Bisping making it to the second round.

His latest two wins alone should speak for themselves as to his status as a deserving title contender, but that's often not how shots are earned in the UFC. However, looking at Vitor's contendership competition in the 185 lb. division only makes him stand more ahead of the pack. He's stands as the only middleweight coming off a top 5 win and he's got the longest win-streak in the division aside from the champion. This is exactly what you expect from a fighter deserving of a rematch and it's time Vitor got his second opportunity to fight for the middleweight strap.

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