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UFC on FX 8: Belfort vs. Rockhold live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card

Live results and thoughts for the undercard of UFC on FX 8 from Brazil, which will features a total of nine fights.

Join us at Bloody Elbow for live results, play-by-play, and commentary of the entire UFC on FX 8 event today from Brazil. The event will kick off with nine preliminary card fights followed by a main card featuring four bouts. The first three bouts will be streamed live on Facebook, and that stream kicks off at 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT. They flip things over to Fuel TV at 6pm ET/3pm ET for the other six preliminary card fights, then finally move onto FX for the main card at 9pm ET/6pm PT. This post will cover the prelims.

The featured bout on the prelims is a featherweight battle between top prospect Hacran Dias and the grinding Nik Lentz. The rest of the undercard features a variety of Brazilian fighters and prospects from a few divisions. Hopefully things turn out to be pretty entertaining, so be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as the event progresses.

Jeremy Larsen vs. Lucas Martins

Round 1 - Mario Yamasaki is the ref. Martins started with a kick and jab, but Larsen caught a kick and looked for a takedown. He didn't get it, but clipped Martins with a right hook. Martins responded with a short elbow. Larsen closed the distance and looked for a takedown once again and it wasn't there, but he exited well with an uppercut. Martins landed a front kick and a combination, but Martins responded with a combo that put Martins on his back. Mineiro immediately went for a heel hook and calf slicer but Larsen escaped. They threw down once again in the center of the cage, with the crowd chanting for Mineiro. Martins landed a nice knee but Larsen got him down with a slam. Martins got up quickly and they got back to some striking. Martins slipped on a kick though, and Larsen jumped into his guard late. 10-9 Larsen.

Round 2 - Martins opened the round with a slick combo and high kick that seemed to daze Larsen, but he fired back quickly. Larsen went for the takedown again but Martins fought him off. The pace slowed a bit as the fighters took a little more time between flurries. Larsen ended up with a cut underneath his eye. Larsen once again had a takedown stuffed and he ate a front kick. Larsen was the one pressing the action, but the striking was fairly even over the first four minutes. Larsen staggered Martins with a big right after blocking a kick with that arm right beforehand. 10-9 Larsen.

Round 3 - The third round started and just like that, Martins landed a big straight right while backing up and it put Larsen to sleep! WOW! What a finish! Lucas Martins defeated Jeremy Larsen by knockout at :13 of round 3

Chris Cariaso vs. Jussier Formiga

Round 1 - Formiga clinched up quickly and looked for a takedown against the cage. He eventually got him down, but not for long. He persevered though, and got a trip takedown into side control. Cariaso scrambled but couldn't escape. Formiga methodically worked to pass and got to mount with two minutes to go. Cariaso scooted back to half guard though. Jussier's grappling pressure is pretty nuts - he didn't throw a single punch though, so the referee stood them up. Terrible call, Formiga was all over him grappling-wise. Cariaso couldn't get anything going on the feet for the rest of the round. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 2 - Crazy start. Cariaso came forward with a blitz and got taken down within six seconds. At the fifteen second mark, Formiga mounted him. Cariaso shimmied out but Formiga looked to be setting up an arm triangle. Cariaso got back to full guard, but Formiga moved him to the cage and stepped over into mount again. And once again, Cariaso got it back to guard. Quality grappling battle here. Some fans might be bored by this, but it's incredibly technical. And once again, Kevin Mulhall stood them up. Just terrible. They stayed on the feet for the rest of the round and Cariaso landed a few strikes, but not enough to steal the round. 20-18 Formiga.

Round 3 - Once again, Formiga got it to the ground early. Cariaso got up, but Formiga grinded away in the clinch until the ref separated them. Cariaso was finding a home for his straight left a bit, but Jussier was able to take advantage of an over-reaching Cariaso and clinched up against the cage. Cariaso locked up a D'Arce in the clinch and it looked pretty bad, but Formiga escaped. Cariaso got his own takedown and worked from side control. Formiga suffered a cut over the eye and Cariaso went after it with some elbows. He tried his hardest, but just ran out of time. 10-9 Cariaso, but 29-28 Formiga.

Jussier Formiga defeated Chris Cariaso by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Azamat Gashimov vs. John Lineker

Round 1 - Lineker got to striking early, and landed a huge right that dropped Gashimov to his back. He got up though, and looked to throw Lineker halfway across the cage. The separated and Gashimov looked to move a little more. Gashimov shot in super fast, but Lineker used underhooks to flip him over just as quickly. Pretty cool. Lineker worked from the top against the cage. Gashimov got up, but ate some strikes on the way. Gashimov landed a front kick to the body that wobbled Lineker a bit, but he came back with a nasty right hook. A big left wobbled Gashimov, and Lineker caught another takedown attempt. Gashimov held the cage to stay upright, and referee Mario Yamasaki warned him, then took a point. Upon the restart, Lineker knocked Gashimov down again with a right . Gashimov got back up again though. I'd go 10-8 Lineker, but the crazy 10-7 is a possibility.

Round 2 - After a measured start, Lineker landed the first significant strikes with a big right and a combination. He landed a big kick to the body that hurt Gashimov. Lineker went back to the body with a huge right hook dropped the Dagestani fighter, and pounded him out. Awesome performance from Lineker here. John Lineker defeated Azamat Gashimov by TKO (strikes), 1:07 of round 2

Roger Hollett vs. Fabio Maldonado

Round 1 - Hollett started with a bunch of strikes that missed. Maldonado waded in and landed a looping right hook. Hollett landed a spinning back kick right to Maldonado's twig and berries. Maldonado writhed on the ground in pain after the nasty frank and beans shot. Fabio eventually got up and continued though, which frankly surprised me. I would have been rolled up in a ball on the floor crying for about 45 minutes after that. Hollett got a takedown not long after the restart. As expected, the 20-second Brazilian rule kicked in and the fighters were stood up. Hollett immediately tried to take it back down against the cage but was rebuffed by the Brazilian until the ref separated them. Hollett ducked a punch and got it to the ground again. 10-9 Hollett. Nothing round though.

Round 2 - Maldonado started the round by...well, not doing much. Hollett was the one throwing strikes and landing a few. Maldonado finally clinched up against the cage and landed some body punches. Hollett responded with his own. Maldonado tried to fire up the crowd, but Hollett responded with a takedown attempt. Maldonado seems frustrated with Hollett's grappling attempts, but he's not doing much to stop it. Finally Fabio landed a few punches and opened a cut over Hollett's eye. 10-9 Maldonado I guess.

Round 3 - They went back to alternating between clinching and beating each other up in close. Maldonado actually asked Hollett to punch him in the face, and the Canadian fighter obliged him. Hollett looked like he was fading a bit and Maldonado started to take over. If only he had some power in his hands. He battered Hollett all over the place with jabs and straight lefts, but Hollett stayed right in front of him and tried to clinch up whenever possible. Maldonado amusing waved his hands and said "no fight", and the referee actually separated them. Maldonado got a late trip takedown and landed a few punches to close it out. 10-9 Maldonado, and he should take the decision.

Fabio Maldonado defeated Roger Hollett by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-27)

Yuri Alcantara vs. Iliarde Santos

Round 1 - Alcantara landed a couple of powerful strikes, then just missed with a big flying knee. Santos tried to grapple but got swatted away. Alcantara teed off against the cage, but Santos took the strikes and returned fire. After a solid body kick, Alcantara rocked him with a counter straight left. He followed up with some GnP and the ref was forced to call it off. Pure devastation. Yuri Alcantara defeated Iliarde Santos by TKO (punches) 2:31 of round 1

Michel Prazeres vs. Paulo Thiago

Round 1 - Prazers looked for a takedown after catching a front kick early, but Thiago stayed on his feet. He got a body lock and spun around the back, just keeping his weight on him. Thiago hit a sick reversal and fell right into mount, but they popped back up just as quickly as they went down. Prazeres got the body lock again and bodied Thiago around a bit. And Mario Yamasaki separates them quickly. Prazeres opened up with some kicks while Thiago was pretty stationary. Thiago did put together a nice combination. Prazeres continued with the kicks though, then clinched up again. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 2 - Very measured pace early. Finally after a left hook, Thiago landed a knee to the chest that hurt Prazeres. Thiago jumped into his guard and looked for an arm triangle. Thiago briefly got to mount but Prazeres exploded out and to his feet. Thiago got a trip takedown immediately after though and looked to trap an arm. Prazeres escaped again though and got his own brief takedown. Then it was Paulo's turn to get up and reverse. Back and forth, back and forth. Big left from Prazeres didn't even faze Thiago, but he did get taken down. And true to form, Thiago reversed and ended up on top. 10-9 Thiago, but it was very close.

Round 3 - Both men throwing single strikes. Thiago landed more early though, and looked a bit fired up. After a clinch battle, Prazeres landed a nice punch. Prazeres went back to looking for the takedown but couldn't get it. And true to form, Mario Yamasaki separated them. Prazeres landed a big left hook and a straight left that wobbled Paulo a bit. Thiago scored with a sweet Brazilian kick. Prazeres kept the pressure up while Thiago gallantly fought him off. Finally Thiago got a late takedown that could be very important on the cards. Thiago took the back, then side and dropped elbows late. He stole the round, and quite possibly the fight. 10-9 and 29-28 for Thiago in my eyes.

Paulo Thiago defeated Michel Prazeres by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

John Cholish vs. Gleison Tibau

Round 1 - Tibau missed with his strikes early, while Cholish snuck a couple in that landed. Tibau found his range relatively quickly though and landed a nice right. Tibau caught a kick and pushed Cholish to his back. He didn't stay there long though, and they went back throwing a lot of feints on the feet. Once again Tibau caught a kick, but Cholish deftly somersaulted away. Tibau scored with a left and got a big double leg takedown. Cholish was up quickly once again though. John wasn't throwing enough strikes though, and it probably cost him the round. 10-9 Tibau.

Round 2 - Cholish continued to stay just out of Tibau's range but wasn't throwing much once again. Finally after a couple of minutes Tibau landed two huge lefts that busted Cholish open. Tibau jumped all over him and dropped for a guillotine. He didn't get it the first time but was able to snatch it back up, arm-in, and got the tap. Gleison Tibau defeated John Cholish by submission (guillotine choke), 2:34 of round 2

Mike Rio vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1 - Rio ate a left but got a takedown early. He looked for a guillotine, but settled for controlling Massaranduba with a front headlock. Trinaldo escaped but took a couple of solid punches for his trouble. Trinaldo then got a body lock against the cage and looked for his own takedown, but Rio got away. But Trinaldo was persistent, got a bodylock and just powered him to the mat. Trinaldo used his massive strength to get an arm triangle choke, and he finished it in half guard. He didn't even have to pop out to side. Wow. Francisco Trinaldo defeated Mike Rio by submission (arm triangle choke), 3:08 of round 1

Hacran Dias vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1 - Yamasaki's the ref yet again. Both men came forward with strikes early. Lentz went for a takedown in under 20 seconds, but Dias held him off. Lentz was throwing looping lefts and kicks while Dias was throwing jabs and simple combos. Lentz started to connect a bit with a couple of one-twos. Lentz looked for another takedown but Dias wasn't about to go to the mat. Dias almost got his own takedown, but Lentz reversed and got his back. Dias hit a switch and got Lentz's back. The two men grinded away for the rest of the round. 10-9 Lentz.

Round 2 - Both men brought the pressure early, and Lentz landed a big knee up the middle that floored Dias. Hacran rolled through, but Lentz got on his back and grinded away. Lentz continued to drop short punches and elbows while Dias just took it. Dias finally got up halfway through the round. Lentz looked for another takedown while Dias grabbed the cage a couple of times. Lentz finally got it back down and went back to...well, Lentzing him. Dias landed a couple of upkicks, but couldn't get up. Lentz took mount and threw a bunch of strikes to close out the round. Clear 10-9 Lentz. A 10-8 wouldn't shock me.

Round 3 - Dias came out swinging in the third after his corner told him to do just that. He backed up Lentz with some heavy leather, but Lentz clinched up. Dias got free and pursued him some more, getting his own takedown. Lentz had a guillotine and kept cranking on it. Dias popped out though. Dias locked up an arm triangle choke in half guard. It looked deep, but Lentz survived. Lentz tried to get up but Dias wouldn't let him. Both men were pretty tired, but Dias kept trying. Lentz landed an upkick while Dias had his knees down, but Yamasaki just says don't do it again. They threw down for a little while longer, but Lentz went back to the clinch again. Dias clearly won the round, but will it be enough? I have it 29-28 Lentz.

Nik Lentz defeated Hacran Dias by unanimous decision (28-27, 29-28, 29-28)