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UFC president Dana White says Nate Diaz faces fine and suspension or outright release for 'f*g' tweet

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Could Nate Diaz see himself out of the UFC following his inappropriate tweet today?


A few hours ago UFC lightweight Nate Diaz called Bryan Caraway "the biggest fag in the world" for accepting a UFC 159 SOTN bonus, which previously was Pat Healy's until he tested positive for marijuana. Dana White told MMA Junkie's John Morgan that Diaz will be punished in some form:

Matt Mitrione was recently "fined and suspended" for his controversial remarks about Fallon Fox, but obviously that suspension is over and he's free to fight this July against Brendan Schaub.

I would think that Diaz will get the Mitrione treatment, although the two fight losing streak does not exactly improve his status. We'll keep you up to date on Diaz's future with the UFC and whether he'll get the pink slip or stick around and take a suspension and fine.