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Nate Diaz calls Bryan Caraway 'biggest f*g in the world' for accepting submission of the night bonus

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UFC lightweight Nate Diaz is not happy at all with Pat Healy losing his bonus money after testing positive for marijuana, and he is incredibly displeased with Bryan Caraway for "accepting" his unexpected Submission of the Night award.


Nate Diaz went to twitter to express his frustrations over fellow UFC lightweight Pat Healy losing his UFC 159 FOTN and SOTN bonuses after testing positive for marijuana. Bryan Caraway, who fought Johnny Bedford earlier in the night, received the SOTN money instead. Diaz voiced his opinion in typical Diaz brother fashion:

Diaz originally said "the opponent who took it is the biggest fag I've ever heard of" before deleting the tweet. He then amended and reposted the tweet you see in the article, effectively clarifying that it is indeed Caraway who is the "biggest fag in the world". At a guess, he's not referring to Caraway as a British term for cigarette.