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Video: Shinya Aoki breaks down his submission win over Kotetsu Boku at ONE FC 8

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Shinya Aoki gives a detailed breakdown on how he set up and baited Kotetsu Boku into leaving his neck exposed for a rear naked choke at ONE FC 8.

Last month, Shinya Aoki claimed yet another championship belt when to took the ONE FC lightweight strap from Kotetsu Boku. In trademark fashion, the 'Tobikan Judan' dominated on the ground, and eventually finished the fight with a rear naked choke.

Aoki worked with the production crew at Evolve University, and the top Asian lightweight broke down the different techniques he used to set up and bait Boku into leaving his neck exposed. You can watch the video above, where he demonstrates the different techniques he used during the fight ending sequence. He discusses the following:

- Landing ground and pound from side control to force the opponent to roll into turtle position
- Seatbelt control from the turtle position
- Control one arm to leave one side vulnerable to strikes
- Circle to the other side, and throw ground and pound
- Force his opponent to react and lift his head, then sink arm under the neck to finish the rear naked choke

For more coverage on the fight and the entire ONE FC 8 event, you can check it out here.