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Welterweight champ Ben Askren only drug tested once as Bellator fighter

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Despite going undefeated in 8 fights with Bellator, including 4 of them being headlining bouts with the Welterweight title on the line, champion Ben Askren revealed that he's only been tested once while fighting for the promotion.

Photo via Twitter

Ben Askren has been standing atop Bellator's Welterweight division since 2010 when he defeated Lyman Good to win the title. Since then, he's improved his undefeated record to 11-0 with 3 successful title defenses. However, despite his success and 8 fights with the promotion, Askren has only submitted one drug test to a commission while fighting under the Bellator banner:

The article Askren seems to be referencing is a year-old op-ed from The author opined that Bellator fighters didn't fail tests because it would jeopardize their larger MMA career aspirations. Ben gave further light to the situation by revealing that many Bellator fighters aren't regularly tested in the first place. Askren later said that he believed it was the Pennsylvania commission that tested him, which would be his fight against Good in October 2010. If it weren't for Askren voluntarily submitting to VADA testing, he would not have been screened for performance enhancing drugs or any other illegal substances in over 2 and a half years.

Back in March, Jason Floyd of The MMA Report published the drug test results for Bellator 92. The event took place in Temecula, CA under the supervision of the California State Athletic Commission. All 22 fighters on the card were tested and every test came back clean. However, at Bellator 94 in Florida, the commission didn't test a single fighter on the card. While looking into the history of testing in Bellator, Floyd noted on Twitter that it was a difficult subject to research as many commissions did not consider drug tests results for any event a matter of public record.