10 Things that had to happen for Chris Weidman to fight Anderson Silva.

10 Things that had to happen for Chris Weidman to fight Anderson Silva.


Silva v Munoz/Weidman winner...

Mark Munoz (12-2) +115 vs. Chris Weidman (8-0) -145

Chris Weidman wins a close paper match up and title fight eliminator by total destruction. Anderson decides to take the rest of the year off, to look for other challengers and that Weidman isn’t a big enough name. Weidman wasn’t really meant to win this fight. The idea was a nice easy bout between Anderson and his wrestling coach.


Silva v Bisping?

The organization quickly found a dream candidate in the rock solid power punching kickboxer Micheal Bisping. They matched him up against Tim Boetsch, but...

he got injured. .


Silva v Lombard?

Tim was then matched up against an even better candidate, the much hyped and newly acquired ‘Ector Lombard.

-310 Hector Lombard v +240 Tim Boetsch

Tim wins. Underdog wins. Silva v Lombard fight cant happen.


Silva v Bonnar

Next up came Anderson v Bonnar. Of course Anderson needed to win this or the fight with Weidman couldn’t happen. A very tough paper match up for Anderson, who didn’t want to fight in 2012, and had stated this as a reason for not fighting Weidman. A slim -1200 favourite, Silva shocked the world with this great legacy affirming victory.

The search for a legit challenger for the great one continued. Cung le and even rich franklin were mentioned, but laughed out of the park. Jacare would have been a good match, but he had lost to Luke Rockhold. Luke was mentioned, but he had taken 5 rounds to beat tim kennedy.


Silva v Boetsch/Beltcher?

Eventually two names seemed to shine. Those names were Tim Boetsch and Alan Beltcher. Tim had come through Okami and Lombard. He would surely be a worthy match against the aging king. Beltcher had defeated the incredible Blanka like warrior from brazil, and previous contender to be a contender, known to many as Paul Harris.

Tim was matched up with Costa Philippou; a -155 wrestler favourite against a +130 striker and underdog.

Beltcher had a harder task and was +140 underdog against -170 Okami.

They both lost. On the same night.

Another two worthy challengers for Silva went up in smoke.

All of this told Anderson and Dana one thing. They had been avoiding the real man for far too long. The challenger for the throne already existed. In fact he had already won a title eliminator fight and not been given his credit. That man was out there…and his name was Michael Bisping!


Silva v Bisping?

+110 Bisping was set up with a fight against -140 Belfort and got smashed in the second round, by a guy who is only supposed to be good for one.

Another title fight up in smoke.


Silva v GSP?

GSP had just come back from injury and didn’t want the fight. Silva was much taller, with a much greater reach and would have dwarfed the canadian. For some reason Silva preferred this match up over the less proven Jones and Weidman. Wasnt going to happen.

Another title fight up in smoke.


Jones v Silva?

Jones would be happy to fight silva, but if Silva werent fighting Weidman, he sure as shit werent about to fight Jones.

Another title fight up in smoke.

Well there we go, no fighter in the whole middleweight division was in a position to take on Anderson. Clearly he had cleared the whole division without even fighting, so that left one chance. And that chance was Rashad Evans. Ex LHW champ Evans would be the guy to take on Silva. Provided -345 Rashad could defeat +265 Lil Nog, a guy who was a very good fighter, but who had seen better days…the fight with silva would be his.


Silva v Rashad Evans?

Shad lost.

Another title fight up in smoke.

And that’s how Anderson came to be in a fight with Chris Weidman. The guy he had ducked, and gone to the lengths of ufcs credibility as an organization to avoid, when he had won his title fight eliminator, all those months ago.

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