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Ross Pearson didn't break foot in knockout of Ryan Couture

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Despite initially fearing that he had broken his foot, UFC lightweight Ross Pearson says that there is no break following his win at UFC on Fuel TV 9.

Matt Roberts

Ross Pearson's knockout win over Ryan Couture at this past weekend's UFC on Fuel TV 9 card appeared to come with a price. Following the win Pearson claimed that he thought he had broken his foot while backstage warming up for the fight. While hitting pads with coach Eric Del Fierro, Person connected with the coach's elbow.

The foot did appear swollen but Pearson didn't let it stand in the way of the fight and, after a rocky first round that saw Couture successfully avoid his striking, Ross was able to unload in the second and drop the son of hall of famer Randy Couture for the finish.

Pearson tweeted the following picture and "Thank U everyone for support! Docs said not broken! Crazy night":


Person followed up early Monday morning with another photo, despite it having less swelling, the deep purple bruising makes it look worse:


Person is on a solid run now, having moved back to lightweight following a TKO loss to Cub Swanson in his second fight at featherweight.