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UFC on Fuel 9 results recap: Gegard Mousasi vs. Ilir Latifi

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A recap of the UFC on Fuel 9 main event light heavyweight bout between Gegard Mousasi and late replacement Ilir Latifi. Mousasi won by unanimous decision.

In the main event of UFC on Fuel 9, Gegard Mousasi used a stinging jab and some great distance control to take a unanimous decision over late replacement Ilir Latifi. Latifi had no answer for Mousasi's straight left and jab, and didn't even really try to shoot for a takedown after the first round. Latifi's face was a bloody mess by the end of the fight. Mousasi took all three judges scorecards with 30-27 scores.

After the bout, Mousasi revealed that he had suffered a major knee injury before the bout, but didn't want to pull out. He was originally scheduled to face Alexander Gustafsson, but Gustafsson suffered a cut in training last weekend and wasn't cleared by the Swedish athletic commission.

What was the high point of the fight?

Probably when Mousasi's leg gave out on him late in the fight and Latifi finally got some offense in. It was pretty pedestrian other than that.

Where do they go from here?

Mousasi is apparently headed in for knee surgery, so it's tough to predict who he might fight next. The ship has probably sailed on a bout with Gustafsson though. If he's out for a while, he might face a guy like Ryan Bader when he comes back. If it's not as serious as expected, he could face the winner of the Mauricio Rua vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira matchup.

Latifi will get another fight in the UFC, but it probably won't happen until the UFC returns to Sweden again.

Watch now, later, or never?

Later. The fight wasn't totally horrible, but Mousasi was pretty limited and stuck to jabbing a whole lot.