UFC on Fuel 9: Another Knee Injury for Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi apparently gutted out his victory over Ilir Matifi with a serious knee injury. Previously, I reported that Gegard suffered a torn ACL in March 2012, and had that injury surgically repaired as well. This current knee injury could be very problematic for Gegard, if he injured the same knee, and if he re-injured his ACL again.

Now, this is the point in this story where I get to speculate. Little is known about Gegard’s first knee surgery, only that it was an ACL repair. I will assume that he had the ACL repaired using the more prevalent patella tendon graft, in which part of the patella tendon below the knee cap is harvested to replace the torn ACL inside the knee. If this was the case, his surgeon won’t be able to use that same patella tendon again. And, use of the other patella tendon as a donor is not good either- that leaves Mousasi with two injured knees to rehabilitate.

In this case, there would be a couple of options. The ACL can be repaired using part of one of the hamstring tendons at the back of the knee. Or, he could resort to the allograft, or cadaver donor ACL. The latter has it’s own set of problems with regard to recovery. (I discussed this type of surgery in more detail on a previous MMA Injury blog post about Dominick Cruz’ ACL woes.)

In summary, if Gegard has in fact injured the same ACL, he is faced with some big decisions about how to proceed with a second repair, and we will not see him in the Octagon again this year for sure.

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