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UFC on Fuel TV 9 results: Gegard Mousasi fought on an injured knee, will undergo surgery

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In the post-event press conference, it was revealed that Gegard Mousasi came into today's UFC on Fuel 9 main event against Ilir Latifi with a knee injury, which will require surgery.

Gegard Mousasi fought at a measured, cautious pace against Ilir Latifi in the UFC on Fuel 9 main event. While he was widely expected to finish the heavy underdog, Mousasi went the distance but won a comfortable unanimous decision.

In the post-fight interview with Kenny Florian, Mousasi revealed he was battling both a knee injury and a cold. UFC president Dana White confirmed that Mousasi had suffered through knee problems throughout training camp, and he will undergo surgery. Mousasi had this to say during the press conference (quote transcribed by MMA Fighting):

"I don't want to talk a lot about my injury, but I can tell that this injury, I'm pretty sure 95 percent wouldn't fight, from other fighters. You know, I stepped up, I didn't cancel the show, you know, I don't know, we go from here, you know.

This is the 2nd knee surgery for Mousasi in a year. Last year he tore his ACL and missed all of 2012 -- granted, he could've fought last year against Mike Kyle if Kyle wasn't injured as well -- and if this knee injury is serious he could be facing significant time off yet again.

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