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UFC on Fuel 9 results: Gegard Mousasi defeats Ilir Latifi by decision

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Gegard Mousasi defeated late replacement Ilir Latifi in the main event of UFC on Fuel 9.

Gegard Mousasi did the expected, defeating late replacement and huge underdog Ilir Latifi. Latifi fought gallantly, but he couldn't get inside enough to do much damage and he basically just sat at the end of Mousasi's jab all night. It wasn't the most exciting fight, and Mousasi didn't look terribly motivated, but he did bloody Latifi up and completely own the striking. All three judges had it 30-27 for Mousasi.

Mousasi came out quickly with a big leg kick and solid jab. He used a lot of feints to throw Latifi off, and landed some strikes because of it. Latifi had a takedown rebuffed. Latifi connected with a looping right and a left hook. Mousasi started to find his range with his jab and straight left. The round was slow, but Mousasi got the best of it.

The second started where the first ended, with Mousasi stalking and landing the jab through Latifi's defenses. Latifi came back with a couple of shots though, including one big right. Mousasi caught him with a left hook that seemed to sting Latifi. Ilir went for a takedown and got stuffed once again. Mousasi briefly thought about taking his back but got back up instead. Latifi's face was pretty busted up by the end of the round.

Latifi landed a solid kick to start the final round. Mousasi went back to the jab over and over, leaving Latifi's face even more bloodied than before. His eye was basically swollen shut as well. Latifi landed a big right, but Mousasi just blinked. Mousasi slipped and Latifi took advantage briefly, but he ran out of time. And that was all she wrote.

Mousasi said in his post-fight interview that he came in with an injury, though he didn't elaborate on what it was.