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UFC on Fuel 9 results: Matt Mitrione blasts Phil De Fries

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Matt Mitrione knocked out Phil De Fries in just 19 seconds in their UFC on Fuel 9 heavyweight bout.

Well it didn't take Matt Mitrione long to end his losing streak. Philip De Fries stepped into the cage with the former NFL player at UFC on Fuel 9 in Stockholm and was quickly put down, lasting just 19 seconds before he was the victim of a vicious knockout.

De Fries went in for a takedown and basically just slammed his head right into Mitrione and fell backwards. Mitrione seized the opportunity and pounded him out in short order.

The win improved Mitrione's record to 6-2, with all of his fights taking place in the octagon. He had been on a two-fight losing streak and needed a win badly. De Fries dropped his second fight in a row and fell to 2-3 overall in the UFC. Mitrione said in his post-fight interview that he almost got arrested in Stockholm last night when he went out to get some food.