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UFC on Fuel 9 results: Brad Pickett picks up split decision win over Mike Easton

Brad Pickett picked up a split decision win over Mike Easton in an excellent UFC on Fuel 9 bantamweight bout.

Brad Pickett likes to have exciting fights, and Mike Easton obliged him. The two bantamweights fought all over the cage, engaging in a bunch in wild inside boxing and crazy scrambles on the ground. In the end though, it was Pickett that emerged victorious. Two judges saw all three rounds for the British fighter, while one gave Easton two rounds.

After a minute or so of the feel-out process, Easton looked to get a takedown. The two men grinded away against the fence for a while with Easton mixing in a few strikes. Easton looked to have him down but Pickett showed off some great takedown defense. They finally separated with two minutes to go, and Pickett looked for a takedown without success. The two men exchanged takedowns in the final minute.

The two men engaged a bit on the inside early in the second, and it was Pickett who got the best of it. His jab was on point and it allowed him to land an uppercut. Pickett went for a takedown but Easton scrambled away. Easton picked up a big takedown with 90 seconds left in the round and managed to keep Pickett grounded for a little while at least. Pickett escaped when Easton went for a sub attempt though. Pickett looked to be a bit tired. The two men traded in the pocket to the bell though.

The two men continued to box early in the final round. They engaged in a very entertaining scramble that ended with Pickett on top. Pickett stayed there for a while before Easton finally got up with two minutes to go. Then he got slammed. Pickett looked for a guillotine but Easton pulled away. They swung their way to the horn once again in an entertaining fight.