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UFC on Fuel 9 results: Akira Corassani takes entertaining decision over Robbie Peralta

Akira Corassani picked up his second win in the UFC with a unanimous decision victory over Robbie Peralta.

The opening main card bout at UFC on Fuel 9 looked good on paper, and it lived up to expectations. Akira Corassani and Robbie Peralta managed to hurt each other badly at different points, but Corassani's timely takedowns and evasiveness on the feet earned him a unanimous decision victory. The judges had it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Corassani got off to a very good start, using lots of movement to keep Peralta a bit cautious while landing a couple of big punches. Peralta never really got his rhythm going at all in the first and couldn't land anything significant, while Corassani continued to score with counters.

Peralta decided to try something different in the second round since his striking wasn't all that effective, and went for a takedown. Corassani fought it off though. He was able to land some kicks effectively though, then rocked him with a huge left that had Corassani staggering away. Peralta tried to dive in for the finish, but Corassani clinched up to survive and clear the cobwebs. Corassani looked for a takedown, but backed off and smashed Peralta behind the ear that staggered Peralta before the bell.

Peralta started the third with a nice body shot, but Corassani got a couple of takedowns to control the first half of the round. Peralta was able to get up and the engaged in a bitter clinch war for a while after that. Corassani picked up another big takedown late after suffering a cut on the top of his head, and that might have made the difference to the judges.

The loss was Peralta's first in the UFC, while Corassani moved to 2-0 in the octagon.