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Invicta FC 5: Penne vs Waterson Live Results and Play by Play

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Invicta FC returns to Ustream with as their Atomweight Championship, Jessica Penne, will make her first title defense against Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson. Also on the main card Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos returns to the cage for the first time in over a year.

Invicta FC is in Kansas City, Missouri this Friday and in the main event Jessica Penne will defend her Atomweight championship for the first time against and Michelle Waterson. The card features a fair amount of star power with Cristiane Santos also on the card, along with Sarah Kaufman and Zoila Frausto Gurgel. Invicta will also be crowning their first Flyweight Champion with a bout between Barb Honchak and Vanessa Porto.

The card will be a $9.99 PPV available on UStream, the promotion's second try at a PPV.

As with any card, we here a Bloody Elbow have this covered with prelim results and live play-by-play and results, and feel free to join the discussion in the comments below.

Preliminary Card Results

Jodie Esquibel vs. Alex Chambers [Atomweight]

Alex Chambers wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 at 1:35

Rose Namajunas vs. Kathina Catron [Strawweight]

Rose Namajunas wins by Submission (Flying Armbar) in Round 1 at 0:12

Katja Kankaanpää vs. Juliana Carneiro Lima [Strawweight]

Katja Kankaanpää wins by Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Jessamyn Duke vs. Miriam Nakamoto [Bantamweight ]

Miriam Nakamoto wins by (T)KO (Knee) in Round 1 at 2:20

Cassie Rodish vs. Simona Soukupova [Atomweight ]

Simona Soukupova wins by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 3 at 3:20

Main Card Play-by-Play and Results

Bec Hyatt vs. Jasminka Cive

Round 1

No touch of gloves as the fighters come out, Hyatt drives forward and gets Cive's back to the cage. Hyatt unloads with punches, and then gets a slam takedown. Cive holding a school year headlock, Hyatt takes mount, and begins striking. Cive throwing up her legs looking for a desperate escape from mount and Hyatt is dropping elbows. Hyatt sliding up into a high mount, maybe looking for an armbar but Cive squirms a little and gets her arm out of danger, Hyatt goes back to striking. Cive's bridge and leg escapes have been totally negeated by of Hyatt's high mount. Cive rolls to escape, Hyatt transitions very well to armbar, goes belly down and gets the tap.

Official Result

Bec Hyatt wins by Submission (Armbar) in Round 1 at 3:30

Julia Budd vs. Mollie Estes

Round 1

Fighters come out and Budd shoots for a double leg after a few seconds of exchanging strikes. Budd applying pressure and looking to pass from half guard, Estes controlling the head. Budd pops her head out and is working Estes towards her corner. Estes has gotten to her side, but Budd puts her flat on her back and then passes to side control. Budd goes knee on belly and then slides to mount. Budd postures up to strike, Estes goes up to give up her back but Budd fails to put in hooks and Estes escapes to feet. Budd now has double underhooks against the fence.

Budd drops down for takedown and is able to finish. Estes turns away again and Budd uses a half-nelson hold to control Estes, but doesn't put her hooks in again, using more of a wrestling ride than BJJ back mount. Budd rolls Estes over to side control to finish the round. 10-9 Budd

Round 2

Budd looks very happy in her corner and comes out energetic. Estes working a push kick early, but Budd slips under some hooks and gets the body lock against the cage. Budd changes levels, gets a high crotch lift and then slams Estes to the mat and takes North/South. Budd pulls Estes away from the cage and towards the center of the mat, Estes is able to move her hips and recover the half guard. Budd throwing strikes to thigh and looking to slip into mount, Estes tries to lock down but fails. Budd in mount, staying low and controlling, Estes holding on to the back of the head. Budd postures up and strikes, Estes again gives up back and again Budd doesn't gets hooks in and gets reversed this time. Estes moves to side control, Budd gets to her knees and a scores a single leg to reverse the position and again Budd gets the mount. Budd now working on an arm triangle, trying to finish from mount, but Estes is able to fend off the choke and slip her arm out. Budd goes back to striking from mount.

Estes roles to back and again Budd doesn't put in her hooks, and allows Estes to get to the turtle position. Against the round ends with Budd rolling Estes into side control. Total domination in that round, 10-8 Budd

Round 3

Budd clinches right away, gets a single leg takedown and again mounts. Again Estes gives up the back, again Budd doesn't put in hooks and gets to a riding position. This time Budd is able to lock on a rear naked choke and even with just one hook in she is able to finish the choke.

Official Result

Julia Budd wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 3 at 1:04

Kaitlin Young vs. Lauren Taylor

Round 1

Young takes the center of the cage and pushes forward, Taylor clinches and gets Young against the cage. Young quickly spins then around and puts Taylor against the cage. They battle for underhooks, throwing an odd knee and they spin around again, come away from the cage and break. Young lands a nice right hand on the break, lands a left and then takes Taylor down right into mount. Taylor rolls quickly, Young gets body triangle and flattens Taylor down. Taylor gets to her knees and Young lets body triangle go and puts in hooks. Taylor sits up and Young is resting against cage looking for a rear naked choke, but it does look under the chin.

Taylor gets free and spins over to get on top in guard. Young shoots a triangle from guard and Taylor is stacking to defend. Young working the triangle tighter, Taylor trying to rotate around to pass, but Young doing a good job stopping the pass but the cage is making it hard to finish the choke. Young tries an armbar but Taylor postures out strikes a little and Young shoots another triangle, but Taylor was ready and moves to half guard. Young recovers guard and finishes the round battling in guard. Young 10-9

Round 2

Taylor throws a tentative jab, and Young lands a good leg kick. Fighters trade jabs, but seems like Young is landing better. Taylor finding a home for right cross, lands a knee in the clinch. Young is working Taylor's lead leg with kicks, slipping the right cross. Young starting to land body kicks and punches, she works her way in and clinches. Taylor drops down and gets a single leg takedown against the cage, rotating trying to Young off the cage. Taylor gets her posture and is able to strike, Young wall walks back to feet, Taylor controlling against the cage.

Taylor gets a double leg and is trying to suck Young away from the cage. Taylor stands and Young sits back to guard, looking for an armbar right away. Young is able to rotate her hips, but Taylor is able to pull her arm out, both get to feel but Taylor drags Young to the ground and takes back. Taylor striking away, Young not moving much, just blocking strikes. Taylor gets her hooks in, the 10 second warning claps as Taylor looks for the choke. The round ends with out a choke. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 3

Swing round starts and both fighters throw strikes at the center of the cage. Young works Taylor back towards the cage, and they trade jabs. Young going back to the those leg kicks, and Taylor clinches, looking for that single leg again. Taylor gets the takedown as Young hunts for kimura. Taylor strikes to body to force Young to let go of arm, which she does. Full guard now from Young, Taylor stands and Young tries to angle for armbar but can't move much against the cage. Young trying to create space by pushing Taylor away, and Tayor passes to side control and starts kneeing the body. Young moves her hips well and tired for armbar, not real attempt but it created space for Young to sit up and get back against fence. Taylor gets her away from the fence and starts dropping elbows from the half guard. Young against works back to cage, but can't sit up as Taylor rains down strikes. Round ends as Taylor continues to strike from half guard. 10-9 Taylor

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Lauren Taylor 29-28

Official Result

Lauren Taylor wins by Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Zoila Frausto Gurgel vs. Jennifer Maia

Round 1

Both fighers come out and Gurgel starts by throwing some very hard kicks. Maia has taken the center of the cage and is walking Gurgel down, finding her range. Maia throws a lead hook and clinches, pushing Gurgel into the cage. Both fighters battling with over-unders, Maia looking for a trip, but Gurgel gets double underhooks and swims in to get one underhook back. Clinch battle against the cage continues and Gurgel cross-faces and Ref Big John breaks them apart.

Maia circling around Gurgel, works Gurgel against the cage and lands some sharp punches. They clinch against the cage again. Knees to the legs by Maia, Gurgle is able to switch their positions but Maia puts her back against the fence rather quickly. A nice trip by Gurgel, but Maia bounces right back up. The fighters flurry as the round ends. Tepid round I'll award to Maia. 10-9 Maia

Round 2

Maia walking Gurgel down again, Gurgel throws lead elbow that misses. Again Maia strikes her way to clinch and has Gurgel against the cage. Maia working for double underhooks, and gets them and presses Gurgel against the cage again. Maia knees to the legs as Gurgel struggles to escape the cage. Gurgel goes for a hip toss, but again ends up against the cage. Ref breaks them apart, and Gurgel unable to keep Maia away. Clinched against the cage again and Maia knees the leg. A front kick from Maia lands to Gurgel's face and now fighters exchanging hard kicks at range. Maia attempts flying knee, Gurgel catches it and clinches with Maia. The round ends as Maia gains the upper hand and presses Gurgel into the fence. 10-9 Maia

Round 3

Maia now striking, throwing hard punches and knees. Gurgel backs up to the cage and Maia clinches her against the cage. Over-under battle resumes, Gurgel unable to mount any offense as Maia smothers her against the cage. Ref breaks them up again, and the action resumes. Gurgel throwing push kicks, desperately trying to keep the distance, but again Maia drives straight forward and get the clinch. This time it is Gurgel pushing Maia into the fence, but Maia escapes and now fighters exchange. Gurgel's back is to the fence and Maia is landing punches well. Maia pushes forward and clinches. Gurgel finally finishes a head lock throw but Maia bounces right up to top position. Gurgel kicks Maia off, stands up but they finish... you guessed it clinched against the cage. Gurgel tries for a flying armbar but the bell rings, ending the match. 10-9 Maia

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Jennifer Maia 30-27

Official Result

Jennifer Maia wins by Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Sarah Kaufman vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1

Smith throws a body kick that doesn't connect and Kaufman lands some quick punches. Smith jabbing and Kaufman landing a right cross counter. Kaufman darting in and out with a jab-cross combo, and the fighters clinch and start working the body. Kaufman working Smith against the cage, breaks and throws a few punches as Smith covers up. Smith lands a few body shots and throws up a head kick that is blocked. Smith throwing leg kicks and Kaufman working good right straights. Kaufman clinches against fence, Smith throws hooks to body and on the break Kaufman lands a good elbow.

Kaufman lands a great right handed counter to a head kick attempt by Smith. A few awkward front kicks from Smith, the fighters clinch and knee and this time it is Smith hands a good elbow. Smith pursues Kaufman back to the center of the cage and the fighters trade strikes. Bell rings with a good flurry by Kaufman. 10-9 Kaufman, based on the accurate strikes landed all round.

Round 2

Fight restarts and Kaufman goes back to work with that straight right hand. Smith looking to work kicks but she is getting hit hard by the straight punches of Kaufman. Smith slips a punch and clinches, lands a good elbow. Smith gets Thai clinch but Kaufman breaks away. Kaufman starting to mix in a lead hook. Smith unleashes a flurry of punches that seems to stun Kaufman and then flicks up a left head kick that drops Kaufman. Smith follows her to ground, Kaufman trying to survive from guard, Smith working very hard on striking.

Smith looking to pass standing, Kaufman inverts her guard and then spins back to open guard. Smith dives into the guard with a punch. Smith backs away and waves Kaufman up. Smith throws that left high kick against, but Kaufman was ready. Back at range and Kaufman is working her boxing again. Smith throwing lots of kicks and unloading with punches whenever she is in range. Kaufman clinches, and lands good right hand on break and round ends. 10-9 Smith

Round 3

Smith comes out throwing and Kaufman countering with right hands. Another head kick from Smith that is blocked, and then Kaufman catches a head kick and clinches. Kaufman gives up on takedown and lands good punch on break. Kaufman in and out with strikes, Smith using her range to keep up a constant stream of punches and kicks. Clinch and Smith lets go with uppercuts. Kaufman shots in for a sudden takedown and works to side control. Smith recovers guard and starts working a very active guard, kicks away and stands back up. Fighters trade at the center of the cage. Kaufman throwing a lot of punches, but Smith catching a lot of them on her shoulders and arms. A head kick lands for Smith, but Kaufman keeps her feet. Kaufman shoots again but Smith is able to stay on her feet. Smith keeps up attack, but Kaufman starts landing solid punches. Fighters throw as round and and then embrace after fight wins. Very close round, going to go with Kaufman for the punches she landed towards end of round. 10-9 Kaufman

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Sarah Kaufman 29-28

Official Result

Sarah Kaufman wins by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos vs. Fiona Muxlow

Round 1

Cyborg comes out with a huge right cross that hurts Muxlow. Cyborg flurries and Muxlow drops back to guard and trying to control Cyborg, who is able to stand. Cyborg raining down strikes as Muxlow tries for takedowns. Muxlow is surviving, staying clinched with Santos and shooting for takedowns. At range again and Cyborg is stalking, loads up on right hand and Muxlow goes under for a takedown. Cyborg sprawls and gets to the side, goes knee on belly and starts striking, Muxlow escapes to feet and again Cyborg is stalking. Cybord now kneeing in the clinch, starts unloading punches and ref steps in to stop the fight.

Official Result

Cris Cyborg by (T)KO (Punches and Knees) in Round 1 at 3:46

Barb Honchak vs. Vanessa Porto [Flyweight Title Fight]

Round 1

No glove touch, as Honchak is circling around Porto, who is in the center of the cage. Porto already looking set up leg kicks, lands a heavy outside kick to the thigh. Porto overreaches on a overhand right and Honchak lands good counters. Porto again overreaches and Honchak counters with three punches. Now Honchak lands an outside leg kick. Porto really looking for that right hand, but not setting it up, while Honchak is throwing combinations. Now Porto is finding her range, landing leg kicks just out of Honchak's range, but now Honchak is answer with kicks of her own. Big right hand from Porto is slipped nicely by Honchak. Another punch slipped by Honchak and she clinches, putting Porto against the cage. They break part and strike to finish round. Honchak did a better job controlling the distance in that feeling out round. 10-9 Honchak

Round 2

Honchak circling again out of her corner, Porto working a jab this round. Porto switching stances as Honchak kicks to leg. Porto really wants that right hand. Porto lands a very nice outside leg kick. Honchak starting to throw more punches as she establishes her range. Porto starting to let go with leg kicks now and it seems like Honchak might be getting less mobile. Another heavy leg kick from Porto lands and Honchak's punches are starting to come up short. Honchak lands outside leg kick but Porto answers with right hand. Honchak drives forward with nice combo. Honchak trying to mount more offense and Porto is just backing off instead of countering. There is a counter right from Porto and then a leg kick. Porto was able to establish her range that round and controlled the engagements. 10-9 Porto

Round 3

Honchak opens round with a heavy leg kick and some jabs. Porto slapping at Honchak's lead hand, and throwing leg kicks. Honchak still moving pretty well and is answering all of Porto's kicks. Porto overreaches again on a right hand and Honchak lands a great counter right hook. A right hand now lands for Porto but Honchak seems unhurt, and now charges forward on a Porto leg kick. A nice jab, leg kick, jab combo from Honchak. A good jab-cross from Honchak lands, Porto seems more hesitant to throw. Porto throws a leg kick and Honchak lands a hard counter right hand. It is now Honchak who looks more mobile as Porto appears to be slowing. More leg kicks from Honchak.

Honchak took control of the fight back with that round, 10-9 Honchak.

Round 4

Fighters trading pawing jabs early and Honchak goes back to the leg kicks. Honchak charges forward with some wild hooks, but nothing lands. Porto gets Honchak moving back and lands a good right hand. Honchak slips throwing a head kick and does a backwards roll to escape a charging Porto, who allows Honchak to stand. Honchak works forward with a combination of punches. Fighters are now trading single shots. Honchak continues to widle down Porto's legs with kicks. Honchak finishes round picking shots at range with Porto lands a few nice kicks. 10-9 Honchak

Round 5

Porto starts round throwing right hands, but Honchak rolling with punch and countering. Honchak driving Porto back with combination punches while Porto continues to throw single shots. Honchak angles off a punch well and Porto almost almost walks into right hand. Portoa shoots in for takedown, gets it and then stands back up, big mistake. Honchak seems content to sit back and counter this round, starting the throw more right hands. Honchak ducks under punch, tries for takedown, but unable to get things to the mat. Punches fly as the fight ends. 10-9 Honchak

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Barb Honchak 49-46

Official Result

Barb Honchak wins by Decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47)

Jessica Penne(c) vs. Michelle Waterson [Atomweight Title Fight]

Round 1

No touch of gloves, and Waterson starts right away with a strong kick. Penne throwing crisp punches, much better boxing already from Penne. Fighters clinch and Penne is driving Waterson into the fence, working for double underhooks. Penne now works for takedown, as the fighters do a lap of the cage, back to the fence and Penne pulls guard. Penne walks her guard up to Waterson's shoulders, slides back down and back up again. Penne gets an omoplata sweep and is now in Waterson's guard. Penne knee slides past the guard, but Waterson throwing her legs up to try to stop pass, Penne now in leg drag position and is controlling. Waterson throws up an armbar-triangle chain that forces Penne back into guard, and Waterson locks up high guard. Penne pulls out of the guard, Waterson looks for omoplata but Penne goes reverse knee on belly and Waterson spins back to guard. Waterson shoots an armbar but Penne slides out. Round ends, I'll give it to Penne for finishing the sweep and stopping all of Waterson's offense. 10-9 Penne

Round 2

Waterson misses with a kick but lands a right hand. Penne working a jab, and clinches. Knees in the clinch from both fighters, and Waterson gets the takedown. Penne works to a leg lock but ends up in guard again. Waterson trying to step over Penne's butterfly guard, looks like a sweep is going to happen but then Waterson kicks off the cage to mount! Very inventive move, and Penne is looking to use the fence to escape the mount but Waterson pushes off the cage, Penne gets to half guard. Penne tries another butterfly sweep and Waterson gets to side control. Back to half guard, and then to full guard for Penne, and now looking for a gogolata. Waterson steps over to half guard, and is able to escape. As Waterson stands up she lands a hard punch on Penne. Waterson lands a straight right as Penne goes to clinch, Waterson gets another takedown. Round ends with Waterson in Penne's guard. 10-9 Waterson.

Round 3

Waterson throwing kicks and Penne punches her way into the clinch and gets a trip takedown right away. Penne starts in side control and moves to mount, and Waterson gives up her back. Penne striking away as Waterson gets to half guard. Back to the full guard, Penne stands and stacks the guard, striking while Waterson inverts and gives up her back. Waterson goes back to guard and Penne continues to strike. Waterson gives up side control and Penne goes knee on belly, Waterson throws up her legs and Penne goes back to side control. Waterson rolls to the her knees and Penne is taking the back and is raining down elbows. Penne gets her hooks in with a minute and half left on the clock. Penne goes for armbar, Waterson is able to pull out a hitch hiker escape and get to the top. Penne fighting from half guard and gets a sweep. Round ends with Waterson defending herself in open guard. 10-9 Penn

Round 4

Fighters meet at center cage. Waterson throws an inside leg kick, Penne throwing jabs. Waterson moving, but Penne charges her into the fence and clinches up. Penne looks for inside trip and then a single leg, but Waterson defends well. Waterson gets double underhooks, Penne tries to pull butterfly guard but Waterson bases well, Penne follows up with some leg locks but Penne is able to escape. Penne pursues and gets a single leg. Waterson transitions to guard and armbar, lighting quick! Penne is tapping!!

Official Result

Michelle Waterson wins by Submission (Armbar) in Round 4 at 2:31

Those were some fantastic fights everyone! Be sure to check out recap and gifs post.