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Nevada officials deny Gabriel Gonzaga's appeal following 'TUF' 17 TKO loss

UFC heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga will not have his controversial TKO loss to Travis Browne overturned.


According to his manager, UFC heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga has lost an appeal filed last month disputing his TKO loss at 'The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale.'

The controversial stoppage came courtesy of Travis Browne just 1:11 of the first round after the heavyweight landed approximately six elbows to the back of Gonzaga's head. Substantiated by video of the sequence, Gonzaga claims it was the fourth elbow in question that eventually led to him crumpling unconscious to mat. Browne would later win the night's 'Knockout of the Night' award to the tune of an additional $50,000.

Gonzaga's representatives sent a letter to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer on Apr. 17 requesting the contest's result be changed to a disqualification or no decision. The letter contends referee Chris Tognoni failed to acknowledge one or more fouls committed by Browne and should have issued a verbal warning or point deduction. Kizer, who claims he isn't aware of a statute allowing the change in a TKO in this manner, deferred the ruling to the Nevada Attorney General's office.

Stated in the official complaint, Gonzaga's camp claims the alleged fouls "impacted the result of the contest, as they occurred prior to the referee moving in to stop the fight and determining Gonzaga could not continue."

"A referee who was operating under an accurate interpretation of the commission's regulations would have stopped the contest upon viewing a foul and, under these circumstances, declared the contest a 'no decision' ... or a disqualification of Travis Browne."

Fortunately for Gonzaga, he was not among the seven athletes released by the UFC following the event and still appears on the promotion's roster of active heavyweights. The questionable loss ended Napao's three-fight win streak that likely returned him to the UFC's ranks.