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UFC on Fox video: Dana White to 'go to Boston and write some checks' in wake of bombing tragedy

UFC president Dana White will be returning to his home town of Boston to offer financial aid to the victims and families of the Boston bombings.

The horrible bombings in Boston led to four deaths and countless injuries. It has brought the entire nation together, and the sports world is doing it's part to aid the victims and their families as best they can. It's amazing the way we can rally together in support of each other in times of crisis.

Last night, after a largely successful seventh outing on FOX, UFC president, Dana White stated in the post fight media scrum that he would also be finding his way to Boston in an effort to provide some relief to the affected parties of the senseless violence that occurred last week. According to White, he'll be flying out to "write some checks."

Things like this always restore my ever diminishing faith in humanity, and should serve as a reminder to us all that we should strive to be better members of society. Here's what White, who hails from Boston originally, had to say on the matter:

*Credit to the UG for the following transcription.*

I have a hard time talking about this in public because if I really do talk about it, I'm going to come off like a psycho.

I've really limited talking about it, but I'm going to Boston on Saturday. After [UFC 159], I'm jumping on a plane and flying to Boston, and I'm actually going to go visit some people that were affected by this horrible event.

The story that gets me is the mother that was crossing the finish line and the 8-year-old that was killed and the 6-year-old that lost her leg by a couple of f*cking cowards.

I'm going to go to Boston and write some checks. I don't even know how I'm going to do it or what I'm going to do, but I'm going. I want to go. I'm going next weekend.

You can follow Dana via his Twitter account, @DanaWhite