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UFC on Fox 7: Henderson vs Melendez - Live results and play-by-play for main card

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Live results and thoughts on the action from UFC on Fox 7. The night's main event sees Ben Henderson take on Gilbert Melendez with Henderson's lightweight title on the line.

Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

The UFC returns to Fox tonight with what is a phenomenal card on paper. The UFC on Fox 7 main card gets under way tonight at 8 p.m. ET with the prelims starting at 4 p.m. on Facebook and continuing on FX at 5 p.m. And we will have live thoughts and results throughout the entire event.

The main event of the evening sees UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson defending his title against the last Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. In the co-main event slot on the card is a heavyweight showdown between Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix winner Daniel Cormier and former UFC champion Frank Mir.

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Lightweights Nate Diaz and Josh Thomson meet in a bout that promises to be in the running for Fight of the Night. Potentially giving that fight a run for its money is the opening bout of the Fox broadcast, a welterweight fight between Matt Brown and Jordan Mein.

Make sure to come back as the action goes down and share your thoughts on the night's action.

Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein - Round 1 - Good elbow by Mein early. Now a good punch, Brown tags him twice right back. Brown lands again. And Again and Mein is hurt. Brown tags him hard with some more big shots. Head kick now lands for Brown. Brown lads again and now Mein fires back. Brown is just trying to chase him down and land big shots. Now he lands a knee to the body. Leg kick by Mein lands. Good left hand for Brown. Mein misses a few big punches and then Brown tags him with a big left hand. Mein tags him a few times really hard and now Brown lands in return and he's throwing some big knees. Mein with a big shot to the body and then the head and Brown is hurt badly. Mein on top on the ground and he's working Brown over. Brown throws up a triangle out of nowhere and it's very tight. Brown has it really deep and Mein manages to get out but he looks wobbly. Big right by Brown and a knee and an elbow. Brown is putting it on him again. 10-9 Brown. Great round. GREAT round.

Round 2 - Brown with a good straight right and a jab. Another good right by Brown and a combo and now he is landing knees and elbows.Brown is on top now on the nose of Mein may be broken. Brown is firing away and Mein looks beat. Mein is just covering up as Brown wails away on him and it's over. Matt Brown wins by TKO (elbows and punches), round 2.

Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson - Round 1 - Thomson throwing leg kicks early in the round. Thomson using a lot of kicks as he moves around the cage. Thomson with a big head kick that lands flush. Diaz taunting and throwing his punches. Another head kick lands for Thomson. Diaz lands a good punch. Thomson is landing some good shots and he lands again in a combination but Diaz eats it and walks forward again. Diaz is chasing a lot now but he's still getting in with shots. Big right hand by Thomson. Thomson with a strong takedown now with about half a minute left in the round. Thomson with some hard shots from the top and Diaz scrambles to his feet. 10-9 Thomson.

Round 2 - Low blow from Diaz early. Thomson recovers and pushes Diaz into the cage and is gringing on him. Thomson lands a good elbow and Diaz lands in return but Diaz is bleeding. Diaz with a takedown now and he stands up and lands a few punches. Thomson gets to his feet and lands an elbow. Diaz with a nice elbow and Thomson lands a punch. Thomson clinches and lands a good elbow. Knees land for Thomson now and he keeps pushing Diaz into the cage. Big head kick and Diaz is hurt. Thomson follows up with a hard flurry of big shots and this one is over. Josh Thomson wins by TKO (head kick and punches), round 2.

Daniel Cormier vs. Frank Mir - Round 1 - Mir throws a few strikes and Cormier avoids and smiles at him. Mir misses another head kick. Mir misses with a punch. Cormier pushes him into the cage now and is working some punches as the crowd chant's "D.C." Hard uppercut by Cormier. Again an uppercut lands. Head kick by Cormier and a nice flurry. Cormier pushing him back into the cage and landing knees and body shots. Knee to the body, body punch by Cormier and then to the head and back to the body. Knees to the body again. Cormier is absolutely working him over against the cage. Mir lands a good punch but Cormier returns fire and now pushes him right back into the cage landing body shots. Cormier landing hard again. Cormier slips after throwing a head kick and Mir tried to grab a choke but couldn't. Hard leg kick by Cormier. Mir misses a spinning kick. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 2 - Mir with a good leg kick. Cormier with a weird jumping kick that misses. Cormier pushing forward and clinches up with him. Cormier holding the clinch and working him over but then backs away. Hard punch by Cormier and he pushes right back into the cage. Cormier keeps manhandling Mir and putting him wherever he wants. Cormier back to the body work and Mir is basically running on empty. Cormier lands a good combination and Mir is not able to do much of anything so far. Two more big punches from Cormier. Heavy body shot by Cormier. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 3 - Mir throws a head kick then a leg kick and Cormier almost took him down but instead Cormier pushes him into the cage again. Big shots from Cormier rock Mir's head back. Mir throwing a few kicks to the body now. Big body kick by Mir and he's opening up for the first time so Cormier pushes him into the cage. Mir with another body kick, Cormier with a flurry of punches and a clinch. Herb Dean restarts them for lack of action. Body kick again by Mir. Cormier pins him to the cage again. Cormier with the takedown and then he steps away. Big right hand by Cormier. Mir is running out of time now. Body kick by Cormier. 10-9 Cormier again.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Daniel Cormier wins by unanimous decision.

Ben Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez - Round 1 - Henderson bouncing forward and Melendez lands a leg kick. Kick in return from Henderson. Melendez with another leg kick and a straight right that misses. Left hand from Henderson lands well. Melendez on top as they go to the ground. Melendez lands a knee as Henderson stands up. Henderson is pushing Melendez into the cage now and can't get a takedown. Melendez with a left hand that lands well. Left lands for Melendez. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 2 - Melendez with a hard right hand. Henderson isn't really doing a lot. Melendez is just controling the pacing here and now he lands a very hard right hand and Henderson slips off a few times going for the takedown. Another 10-9 Melendez round.

Round 3 - Henderson did some good work early in the round with kicks but Melendez has cracked him with a few solid punches mid-round. Henderson gets inside and is looking for the takedown. He can't quite finish the takedown yet. Henderson with some knees to the body and they trade punches briefly before going back to distance. Henderson shoots and again Melendez defends well. Melendez throws a few punches and Henderson clinches him, working hard for the takedown but instead eats a knee from Melendez. Henderson ends the round on top throwing punches and lands a few late. 10-9 Melendez still but can see scores a lot of different ways.

Round 4 - Their heads come together accidentally but no cuts or anything. Leg kick by Henderson. Hard right by Melendez. Melendez catches a knee but does nothing with it. Melendez stuffs another takedown attempt. They trade left hands and Melendez landed a little better. Henderson lands a leg kick as Melendez was spinning and knocked him to the ground, Melendez was able to stand up while Henderson was on his back though. Body shot by Melendez and a leg kick by Henderson. They trade now and Melendez gets the best shot of the exchange with a hard right hand. First round I felt was Henderson's 10-9.

Round 5 - Good combination by Henderson. Henderson throws a body punch that misses. Melendez is trying to corner him but Henderson is circling well. Melendez throws a few punches and Henderson lands a stiff punch. Another Henderson leg kick. Melendez with a left hand. Henderson throwing a lot of elbows, Melendez landing to the body. 10-9 Melendez. I have it wider than anyone else I imagine at 49-46 Melendez. But have no problem if someone scored it for Henderson.

Official scorecards: 48-47 Melendez, 48-47 Henderson, 48-47 Henderson. Ben Henderson wins by split decision.